Do You Want To Keep Blogging? Then Help The Steem Community Taking The Power Back!

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Yesterday the Steem Community joined forces to upvote on Witnesses so that Tron doesn't take control of the Network.

Last night 10 of the Top 20 Witnesses were already ours again! But today morning I woke up to see only 2 of them remained on top.

During the day, the community kept rallying against Tron's fake Witnesses and as it stands now, we are back in control of 7 Witnesses.


@blocktrades even went as far as shutting down the Exchange temporarily and Powering Up every last bit of liquid STEEM to help with the fight!

But were not safe yet. Tron has a lot of money and can spend it to give more power to their witnesses.

How can you help restoring Steem and returning it to the community?

Very easy...

Vote for any Witness, except those running the Version 0.22.5. These are the TRON Zombies, highlighted in yellow below.

So vote for any other Witness who's running a version like 0.22.4444, 0.22.404, 0.22.0, 0.22.1, 0.22.5... etc.


You can use to upvote with a single click.

Make sure you DON'T select any of those 0.22.5 guys, highlighted in yellow.

Those are the enemy. I cannot stress this too much, as I've seem some people are confused and upvoting for both.

Our Revolution cannot stop! Let's fight until our last breath!

Now, Justin... Go Back to TRON... and Stay There! 🤫

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Word is that the Korean proxy voter removed some of their votes from the Tron sockpuppet witnesses so as to bring about a stalemate in terms of consensus. So that neither side can hard fork for the time being.

That is good news... I guess! 😀

I will see how this will really turn out at the end. The battle is fierce.

Yeah, and we won't go down without a fight. That's for sure!


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