TRON + STEEM | A Community To Help Introduce Everyone To Their New Neighbors


Tron is now apart of Steem, and Steem is now apart Tron

Perhaps not in technology, yet, but in spirit. It's time we accept that and become familiar with one another.

Tron + Steem Welcomes All

Whether you're a longtime Steemian looking to understand the Tron network, or a diehard Tronian looking to understand the vast Steem universe. Tron + Steem is the perfect place to interact and get to know one another, as well as understand each platform's technology better.

Post Topics

If you're a Steemian, feel free to post:

  • Welcome messages to the Tron community
  • Glossary over the various Steem-terminology
  • Helpful tips & tricks for newcomers
  • In depth guides to Steem technology like running nodes or making transactions
  • Share resources like post templates & graphics, signatures, bot commands, and more
  • Host giveaways for @steembasicincome shares, @splinterlands card packs, or just good ol' STEEM tokens to help kickstart Tron users

If you're a Tronian, you might want to post:

  • An #introduceyourself post talking about who you are & what you like to do
  • Write about your hobbies & what you hope to get out of your new Steem experience
  • Ask any & all questions you may have about the platform
  • Ask for help in areas of making transactions, playing dapps, writing posts, powering up, etc.
  • Ask for dapp recommendations that would match your interests

Tagging System

To better help serve our members, please tag your posts appropiatly.

If you're a Tron user asking for help with a Steem related topic, please put [STEEM] in your post title.

If you're a Steem user asking about Tron, please use [TRON].

If you're a posting an article explain Tron use [TRON FOR STEEMIANS], if you're posting an article about Steem use [STEEM FOR TRONIANS].

Access the community through either the SteemPeak beta site, or the SteemIt beta site, at: hive-108528

otherwise, use tag #hive-108528 in your post for it to be included in the community

Have Fun!

- one love Tron + Steem



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