How to earn 200% profit with Tronex in Tron (TRX)

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TRONex net is not a usual project that works on a script like most projects. TRONex, uses investment marketing embedded in the smart contract code.

In such projects, the administration does not manage the overall investment - the project works autonomously without the intervention of the human factor, according to a pre-written algorithm. And if some funds only pretend that they are doing completely honest work, then in the case of TRONex net this is really so - the contract code is in the public domain and an audit was held, which confirmed that the contract is completely safe.


Reviews of TRONex net on internet spaces are practically absent, as it is a completely new asset. The project looks good not only because it works on the TRON cryptocurrency blockchain and is managed by a contract, but also because it has well thought out marketing. Under its terms, the investor can withdraw earnings at any time, and in an instant mode. But the longer we do not withdraw money, the higher our percentage of earnings.

TRONex net has a lot of interesting features. The project started successfully, almost entered before autumn, when investors switch to a more active mode of operation. This means that the project has every chance to work well and show a decent result.


Smart contract information:

Information from the website says that TRONex net is an officially registered company that has a team of blockchain technology professionals. They have developed a smart contract for profit that works completely autonomously, is not controlled by anyone and cannot be deleted or changed.

The developers do not hide the smart contract code, and it is in the public domain. Anyone can check its logic and make sure that it does not contain bugs, errors and the administration is unable to withdraw the overall investment, since they does not have access to it. Moreover, the contract was independently audited by GROX Solutions to confirm the safety of TRONex net.

TRONex investment conditions:

At TRONex net we are offered to double our deposit with a constantly growing percentage. Immediately after the investment, participants will get 1% per day (0.0416% per hour). If you do not withdraw funds from the project, then you get an additional bonus to the basic rate - + 0.1% in 24 hours.


If you do not withdraw for two days, then the bonus will be + 0.2%, if for 3 days, then + 0.3%, etc. As soon as you request money for withdrawal, the interest rate will be lowered to the previous 1% per day. The investment will work until the participant earns 200% of the income - in other words, he doubles his investments.

Let's look at an example. You do not withdraw funds for 20 days, then interest rate for you will already be 3% per day.

In addition, participants will get more profit when a large amount accumulates on the balance of the smart contract. For every 1 million TRX on the balance, all investors of the platform will get an additional bonus of + 0.1%

Deposit and withdrawal of funds:

  • Only TRON cryptocurrency can be invested in TRONex net

  • The amount of the minimum deposit in the project is 100 TRX

  • The project has an instant withdrawal - just create a request

  • You can withdraw money only to the wallet from which the investment was made

  • Earnings is available for withdrawal at any time

Affiliate program:


For partners, TRONex net has an additional offer for earnings by attracting new users to the project. Referral program has a three-level: 5% - 2% - 0.5%. And only users who have a personal (at least minimum) deposit can take part in the referral program

Instructions for participating in TRONex net:

Reviews of TRONex net are just beginning to appear, as this is a completely new project and for many it is still unknown.

It's time to add the platform to your investment portfolio, because early entry into high-yield projects is the key to successful investments. Next, we will consider all the features of cooperation with the project.

How to register:

There is no traditional registration in the project, since we are dealing with a smart contract, but there are some nuances of work that should be mentioned. To participate in TRONet, you need to install the TronLink PC browser extension or the TronWallet mobile app.


After you have installed the wallet, you should add TRX to its balance, for example, through exchangers like Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex, OKEx and many others.

Important! You cannot directly transfer money from an exchanger or exchange to the smart contract wallet, because you can only withdraw profit to the wallet from which you created the deposit

Creating a deposit from a PC:


Once you have a TRX wallet, go to the website. On the main page, select "make deposit"

On the next page, enter the amount and press the "make deposit" button, after which the extension will open and you just have to confirm the payment.


Next, your deposit will start working and will add earnings to your account balance every hour.

How to create a deposit on your phone:

When working with a phone, you need to go from your gadget to the TronWallet wallet website. From the list provided, select the download method that matches your device. For example, if you have a phone on Android, then press the button "Get it on Google Play"


You will be redirected to the market, where you must press the "install" button to download the wallet to your device.

Next, we go through a quick registration of the wallet, if you have not used it before. You will need to set a pin code (you need to enter it twice), accept the agreement, save and past a 12-word phrase


After registering the wallet, you will immediately have access to its functionality. The balance will be empty, but you can easily top up it through exchangers by copying your wallet address on the main page of the mobile application.


To create a deposit, in the bottom menu of the wallet, click on the planet image, which is located in the lower left corner. The browser page will open, in the line of which you paste the link


You will be redirected to the project website, where, as in the case of working with a PC, select the "make deposit" button, indicate the investment amount, press the "make deposit" button and confirm the payment in your wallet.

And an important point! When creating a deposit, keep in mind that there is a blockchain commission, you must leave 1-2TRX in your wallet to pay for the transaction.

How to withdraw funds?

You can create a request for withdrawal of earnings at any time, but you can withdraw only to wallet from which you invested. Withdrawal is instant.

To withdraw, click on the "wallet statistic" button and then on the "withdraw" button


TRONex net is a smart contract project that offers favorable and dynamic conditions. The administration of the platform has well thought out marketing, thanks to which investors will be interested in keeping their deposits in the project as long as possible. This will have a very positive effect on the performance of the project. And considering that the TRONex net platform operates on a smart contract and an honest work is going on, very good results can be expected. Join now! Click the link now!



Everything I see on Tron looks like a huge scam, including this.

If you make 200% returns, there's an economic reason, like a bubble, and the bubble will pop.

Hopefully you will get out before that!

Yes, of course, sooner or later this is possible, but you should understand that mathematics and smart contract work here, and people's behavior is also important.

Not sure if you know. But we are not big fans of Tron/Justin Sun here x)

I already realized this when my post rewards were lowered.

Ye xD
Just wanted to tell you, since people don't offer reasons to why xD

 6 days ago (edited)

If you're Hypnotized with the Allure of Easy Money and are a fellow money whore, just like the idiot who posted this here and then decided to advertise it, then don't let my crass Opinion of this Plan, or Investment or whatever the fuck it's packaged as, don't be bothered by my nagging questions as who runs it, and don't worry about this Plan not having any service or product behind it, let me worry about that, you just go on ahead and get that Good Kwik Money.

Lol, they will lose your Tron shitcoins if you send it from an exchange, because why not. No form exchanger wallet! - like lol do they even Audit their own spelling, lol.

Minimum 100 Tron Shitcoins.
No Maximilian. like dafaq did you just tell me, you'll let me dump as much as I want into this, how wonderful of you!

Let's Make Tron shitcoins!!

Get out of here, you stooped dog. I'm getting tired of you. Mad dog.

The only dog here is you, Idiot. Dumb as a dog: I know it's a scheme and it won't last but at least it's transparent, and audited.

Who runs this scheme again, lol, I know who doesn't, and it's your idiot self.

Calm down already go have some tea go.

Why you mad bro, all my comments have blown this up 10x! You should be paying me for all the traffic I've made simply by coming here and calling this Scam a Scam, you on the other hand, the unappreciative greedy as all hell money whore idiot that you are cannot even see that apparently, and would sooner see me leave than be here. Fine you idiot you win, you just earned yourself a Follower, and if you don't shut up, a resteem.

I'm very happy that I won. Ha ha. Let me give you some of the trons. Give me your tron wallet.

LOL, you're a winner right? All that tron you made, don't act like a Money Whore like yourself could Share anything without it paining you for eternity, just spill the beans: How much did you make by locking in your money with the most untrustworthy person in the cryptosphere? A cent of a cent? 2 cents of a cent?

Tron? That shithole wasnt shutdown yet?

Its a scam based coin, all his "hipe" his "popularity" is EMPTY as hell... They can even can make his own version of social media they try to STEAL one


What is the scam? If the ether used is similar to smart contracts, the air is also a scam?

 6 days ago (edited)

The scam is obvious:
Promises of Returns based on Locking In/ Investing/ and ... Referring and getting others to Join in to Lock In/ Invest and ... Refer others in turn, for ever. In short the scam is Promises of Returns without any kind of Service or Product attached to said Promises. Make Money, don't worry that all the money extracted is done so by Old "Investors" from the New Investors. Fleecing people.

The better question, the question that burns, is what product or service is this involve, and otherwise how come you are advertising this otherwise Wonderful Opportunity to make what you promise that others will make? Isn't it odd that this Great Wonderful Opportunity even needs to be Advertised, after all why would you advertise this, why would you not take full advantage for yourself and only for yourself, especially seeing as you're interested in this type of thing, or Promises Of Returns, Easy Money, Free Money, etc, why would such a greedy money whore like yourself pass this off for FREE to everyone, and with numerous assurances of Honesty among the Guarantees of Return, and don't be vexed at all that there isn't any fine print, no mention of Risk or Exceptions, those have been made redundant by Smart Contract. A smart contract for what again?

O yeah. Making Money.

What the poster above you said is as blunt as it is accurate. What does it matter that it's transparent, it's on Tron, they have shown Repeatedly that they have no Integrity in running a blockchain, now they are selling "smart contract" easy money to fools like yourself and the Idiots above who said "I can't just criticise TRONex for hearing it for the first time. Though it sound so Ponzi, i.e the earlier the better anyways."

Yeah you scumbag, here you are on the blockchain, recorded for all as being the lowest scum, fleecing your fellow man, the more the better. Figures why you're here, and probably the same with you, retard-o Air is Scam.

I still don't understand what the Scam is. All I hear from you is swearing and the word Ponzi. You would have at least figured out how a smart contract works, but it's all clear that the game that people play works at the expense of not only old deposits or new ones, but at the expense of all deposits. So, buddy, no one's ripping anyone off. Here everyone decides whether to participate or not. If you're a little boy and don't understand the simple things that work, then you can't come in here. And if you are a smart investor, you will make a profit. The post is written for the smart, such as you, I advise you to get a job at the factory and listen to the horn at 6 am to work.

Where do the Extra Tokens come from?
Who Runs the entire thing?
and most importantly:

How many shitcoins did you make on your investment so far?

O yeah, I'm too "factory job predisposed" to understand how to make Smart Money. Here's the math, Genius:

You would have at least figured out how a smart contract works, but it's all clear that the game that people play works at the expense of not only old deposits or new ones, but at the expense of all deposits.

If the profits come from Current Deposits then there cannot be ANY Profit because profits are what happens on TOP of current deposits, do they not? What generates the tokens then? The system takes in Tokens, and you say that those Tokens are the Profits, then if that is so the System has absolutely no profit, as no Income enters the system, and the system produces nothing, it only pays people with their own coins.

If the coins are produced then how, and more importantly who produces them?

You though think it isn't a scam though because it's Transparent. Why does that matter, because as I pointed out, the person running the entire thing cannot be trusted, being as he is in complete control over this, at any one point you and everyone who's invested risk losing your tokens should this be an Exit Scam. You say you know it cannot last, which has me going back to the token generation or how any Profits are made when everyone simply Deposits and Withdraws?, so it seems you know something you're not telling everyone, you see the end or it's "limit" but haven't bothered at all to be forthcoming regarding this said Risk.

You know how I know it's a scam? Because nobody mentioned Risk. If we were to discuss risk I believe that you would earn all the "bad language" twice. You can browbeat on the people who have to work a Factory job, you can call them stupid or worthless or not good with money, all with a offhand comment trying to avoid the painfully obvious Scam, but ought you be worried about me, how I live? because seemingly you are the one who is here( specifically on Hive, which Exists because Tron's Owner which is the same as the Owner of this ExScam, lied, and ultimately sabotaged "beforeHive") Advertising Scams and trying to defend them, I didn't avoid the obvious questions, I didn't flaunt GOOD QUICK MONEY and went silent when asked specifics on that, I didn't come in a community Posting a Scam and enticing it's people, and did so with a Scam from a person most unwelcome in this community, there's only one "not smart enough for smart contracts" idiot here, and that's you, you did all that and I'm sure you're gonna perform similar feats of amazeballs Idiocy Exemplary.

I don't have to "audit" a Scam when I see Promises of Returns without any asterisk next to it, to know beyond a doubt that it's a scam, because that is all the evidence I need. You think that this isn't a MLM Ponzi Scheme Scam, but I am Certain that you don't know or understand what a MLM Ponzi Scheme/Scam is. You want me to explain to you how Tron can pull the plug at any time without any kind of obligations, how tron can edit and change the rules as they please? I mean the fuck, what doesn't say investment like Poor Spelling and Grammar in fucking English, THE business language of the world, and what could seal one's confidence in said "Plan" than by the Faces behind said Plan. Woops, to Idiots like yourself who display abysmal due diligence about what they invest in, Faces behind "plan" and Poor Spelling are details that can miss you, I mean Smart Contract bro, what don't you understand, Transparency bro, common dog.

You're a dog yourself. Che you need a contract, do an audit of the code and see for yourself. If you can't ask the programmer. You write all sorts of nonsense here. If you were around, I'd give you a fuck for your rotten conversation.

Why would I audit the code when I can simply ask WHO runs the chain. Obviously you don't know who runs the program, to you it's irrelevant or not worth investigating and being forthcoming in that aspect. You want me to investigate exactly where the money comes from, this comes from the person who came here in an attempt at getting people to join this Scheme, when I ask you, you cannot be bothered to disclose what you know, if you know anything about who runs it and how trustworthy they are at running said "Scheme". You can call me a dog because that's about as nonsensical as it gets, so exemplify away whatever type of "sense" you have.


Just like bitconnect, it's not a scam until it is. You cannot trust anything on Tron, because they always break their word and justin has not only taken centralised control of Steem Witnesses, but did so on Tron too after he said he never would.

Anyway, everything Tron and Justin are taboo here and you should have done your research before posting here.

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i hope with steem win a little tron but this is other way to earn crypto, thanks a lot.

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Sounds like it is an easy thing to earn the TRONex.. Well am already clicking on the join and earn tap...

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I congratulate you. Good solution. I'm already making money on it.

Every Multi Level Marketing and Ponzi Scheme alike make ridiculous promises of 100's of percent profit, how is this claim of hundreds of percent profit any less ridiculous than other such promises by scams? It isn't, because like all scams it uses PROMISES of return on investment to sell the scam. There isn't a product, there isn't a service, it's simply Make Money.

Then there's Promoting Scams to the front page. Like how noble and selfless of you to share this promise of profit with everyone else instead of taking advantage of this all to yourself. Fuck your ilk.

I use it for myself. I show this on my telegram channel. If you don't understand how smart contracts work, then this is your problem. Many people already earn good quick money here. Yes, this scheme will end, but it is absolutely transparent, the contract code is open, the blockchain is open, everyone can see everything. If you don't like it, just pass it by, and I'll make money on topics like this and double my capital.

 6 days ago (edited)

You'll make money From What? First off, you'll make "tron" and only when you Cash out of the system you'll make money, so no, you're a Dumb Idiot who Spent His money on a pos Coin that is nothing more than a MLM Scheme. The idiot that you are thinks that somehow this scheme is "transparent" that you can see exactly who runs this scheme and ask them anything, that you can audit those who sign the transactions on the tron chain, but you don't know anyone. The messed up part is that you Know it's a Scheme that it will not Last and that it has absolutely nothing to it for it to "make money", hence why you are still on here defending your poor "investment" choice. Let's talk Logistics with the retardo himself:

How long till you return a profit on said investment? If you cash out tomorrow, regardless of Where the extra coins came from, how much profit have you made on said investment, including fees? How is any of this GOOD QUICK money? Why are you lying to me? You're a greedy money whore advertising a Scheme on a chain that exists solely because of the same person that "secures" your said Scheme and the chain it is on literally exists to Exclude that one singular person because he could NOT be trusted to secure the chain he purchased a large ninjamined stake in. This "completely untrustworthy with investments of any kind" person that is Running Said Scheme is among the only ones who having risked nothing, especially without any credibility, that is making GOOD QUICK money, and good here speaks on the quality of effortlessness that said money is generated, not good as in deserving, just, right or wholesome in any way.

I just don't want to talk to you. a lot of bad words coming out of your mouth. Why is your ass on fire so much?

You're a money whore and I called you Retardo Idiot? that's not even that many words, and whore is about the only Bad word, what is it, you cannot converse with someone who has expressed how little they think about you as an Intellectual and as a decent human being? Or is it because you don't have any good answer to what I asked. Maybe it's a combination, maybe you don't know who is running this scheme or where the profit money comes from if it all comes from deposits, AND you have no tolerance for people being frank in regards with what they think about you and why. Look I don't like to be called an Idiot as well, I doubt anyone does, nor do I like to see idiots promote Quick Easy Money and Promises of Money that at best are Dubious and worst Scams on here, but it doesn't bother me. You can go ahead and "play your game", call me a "factory worker", heck you can even bark at me if that's your thing, lest I be bothered at all by what an idiot such as yourself does.

Man go have a Cup of tea and calm down, what are you here forgot on this page, for several days in a row you write. I wrote it once and that's enough, what are you trying to prove here, to whom and why?

I guess your a Liar too. You lied when you claimed just above that you didn't want to speak with me because of Bad Language, because here you are speaking to me despite me not correcting ANY of my language OR excusing it in any way, I still called you an Idiot, I still regard you as a Money Whore, and I ridiculed you even more than previously, ridiculing your "offended at my bad language" even. So the question is, what are YOU doing here, still trying to divert from the Discussion At Hand regarding this Tron Scam? O yeah, you're focused on "calming me down" because only someone that is Angry could reason that this TronX is an Exit Scam, lol.

I just had fun watching your ass burn. So I decided to set it on fire again. You're a beggar if you have nothing else to do but write here.

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I can't just criticise TRONex for hearing it for the first time. Though it sound so Ponzi, i.e the earlier the better anyways.

So what's wrong with Ponzi? If everyone is happy with the rules of the game, why can't we play?

What about the people who are left holding the bag? What was wrong with Bitconnect if everyone is happy with the rules? O yeah, it was a huge exit scam that was years in the making, that many people exposed at various times, which left plenty holding the bag.

And I understand why you write here, you lost money in bitconnect and now you are angry.

And you understand that because I mentioned BitConnect? If I mention any other scam you'll just as Idiotically as right above project your nonsense and assume that I am "angry" that I lost money on it, I couldn't simply be dispassionate and state historical facts regarding other such Ponzi schemes and their victims in response to your idiotic query. If I say such that XYZ was a scam and many people exposed as a scam, I must be emotionally invested somehow in XYZ, exactly like the idiot you are who is still trying to defend this Scam that they have invested so much in, both emotionally, intellectually and physically, otherwise nothing makes sense. I mean why come here and expose this as a scam IF I didn't fall for the Bitconnect scam, right? lol how idiotic are you going to act next?

You asked "what's wrong with Ponzi" and I said What about the people who are left holding the bag.. you: You are probably one of those looser.

Ergo it follows to reason that by acknowledging Bitconnect had victims, like you theorized I to be one of those victims, then you acknowledge that there are things that are wrong with Ponzi, even if at first everyone is happy with it, otherwise, if there was nothing wrong with it, how would it harm others?

Continue on, I'm sure you're in a grave hurry to reach the other side of the planet seeing the crater you dug yourself in.

If a cat ate a mouse is it good or bad?

Oh mennn
They burned you

Looks like casino 🎰🎲

Да какое казино еще. Смарт контракт. разберись что это. Гарантировано можно поднять денег, если понимать как это работает, если не понимать то тогда да казино. Подписывайся на мой телеграм канал и в чат заходи, если ты русский. там я тебе расскажу. Этим англичанам, что-то объяснять бесполезно.

Its good

Another smart contract ponzi scheme 🤔.