Trade-free USB TROMjaro giveaway

in #tromjaro4 months ago

Engraving USB's(8gb) with TROMjaro.
I will give them to the schools for students to try and find out more about TROMjaro OS and open source world. I hope it will enspire other people from United Kingdom and from other countries to create and share trade-free products. Don't just sit at home and wait for world to change, lift your ass and do something. If we will share more stuff so no need be to buy anything. Or will make prices drop very drastically. Tromjaro is trade-free operating system and comes with trade-free apps. Download, share and use it! Because it is fun!
#tradefree #tromjaro #tromsite #freestuffuk #free #uk

What is your trade-free product? Make absolute and it will help everyone.



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