Trippy Thursday - Day Trading Bat Nugget

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Here is a day trading bat nugget outside his place of work for this #trippythursday by @blacklux
Today he felt a bit tired outside the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and took a nap right on the curb. He had been up all night trading Asian stocks trying to see what was a shell company and what was not. Those darn Asian turtles and their shell companies tricking the western bat imperialists all the time with shiny branding and profit promises. What is a poor bat to do?
Sadly he lost big last night and had to come into work early to short his pork bellies to cover the loss of yet another real estate scam in a Chinese ghost city.
Fortunately this bat has fallback positions and can fly to his friends in other buildings to weasel capital funds out of fake pharma companies he created in response to the bat virus plot he devised.
Just another entry in the balance sheet of a day trading bat. Happy #trippythursday :-)


I find it very cute 😊

!discovery 15

I found this morning then when I went out to see if he was still there at lunch he was gone.

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Are u sure that's not a wig that somehow evolved into a stage where it have legs, ears and wings? 🤣

I thought it was an old bat but I looked up species of bats in Illinois and its a silver haired bat apparently. He likes to hang around the big money areas lol.

He even have its own token... BAT! hahahah... I'll go back to my cave now! 😅

The bat attention token, he gives out guano tokens if you give him enough attention.

Loved this!

I wish I had snuck the camera under his face for a nice portrait.