Challenge: Which Emotion(s) do you Feel the Need to Work on the Most

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Knowing and being conscious of our emotions is also a very important part of the natural medicine world. Eastern medicine has long established connections between the different organs of the body and specific emotions. In this challenge we would like to know which emotion you consider you have to focus on to improve your overall life and health.

Some ideas

A positive emotion you want to reinforce
A negative emotion you want to have more control over
Patterns in your everyday life that lead to certain emotions
Herbal aids you use to encourage or calm certain emotions
Emotions that are typically seen as negative but you consider there is something to learn from
Emotions that are usually seen as positive but you question if they are truly so
Connections you identify between certain emotions and parts of your body


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Good One! My emotions was one area of my life I felt needed work on and I was beginning to work with them through @eco-alex Non-Violent Communication course which has you tune into your emotions which usually signals either a fulfilled need or unfulfilled need.
Here is a chart about feelings you may have when your needs are not met that was shared in the course


The course was all done on Steem and the links can be found in the Ecotrain discord channel under #nvc if anyone is interested!

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When is the deadline?

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