How Do You Think Tribes will React with the Coming of SMT?

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Sure, Tribes will be affected when SMT is being launched and fully integrated in the Steem blockchain but still isn't certain if those two will compete or the other (SE tokens) will be affected with the growing demands of SMT tokens when it launches. It is clear that SMTs have a huge advantage over Tribe tokens for a reason that it's the one being implemented by the company which means integration will likely be one of its core features.

In the meantime Tribes were able to establish themselves first prior to the coming of SMTs and Steem-Engine team had proven that their so called Scot/condensers are truly working very well. That means to say the technology had already been established months before the actual realization of SMTs.

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Moreover as what I mentioned, SMTs and its Communities will be more attractive than tribes knowing that they're mainly backed by Steemit Inc. and that its core technology is more adaptive and innovative than the tribes working. I'd say Tribes has less technology (and often have some technicalities) in which I see its a major downfall.

I think Tribes will still exist despite the emergence of new SMTs for their own communities. In fact, I might also be able to witness tribes migrating to communities. Sportstalk probably? I don't know but I'm hoping the integration will be there soon. Can't trust much a centralized exchange.

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I believe both can exist fr sure.

qa outta left field, he he
maybe they will have a committee to explain it all to us , :)

I'm always coming out of left field hehe!
Ah, didn't know about the committee piece cool ;)

oh I'm just so sure there will be ample communication and many meetings , the foundations for committee communication of bridging gaps and integrating integrations , want in? :P ;)

lol, oh those folks ...I think I'll pass for right now haha xD

no, once you hit level 36 you get the lambo and a guitar song by Ned himself!
;) ya know am kidding around. glad to see you on Sportstalk Social, is a nice tribe imho

Yes they will. But do you expect some tribes migrate in SMTs (Communities)?

think the big tribes should be doing way more 'road maps' or plans of action especially for those who staked on things that take a lot of time to unstake. I mean, do we trust some of this stuff as you mentioned in your post, um, no. If some tribes migrate they may be in the dark or maybe not , the speed and infrastructure of SMT's alone vs. bouncing around a bit longer is a big plus. my two pesos

I agree into some extent but SMTs are much more implemented in a way that it directly correlates the Steem blockchain. Exchanges inside, token-swapping, and much more importantly the future. I would prefer to launch a coin as an SMT rather than a tribe mainly because they're made for long-term.

would be nice for investors and users to know what the game plan is

Yeah I'm looking forward for their announcements. There should be announcements regarding this topic.

yes that would be logical though , lol

For sure logical :). These are big projects.

Hoping it would not effect too much for the tribes and it can be fair to all.

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Hi. Thank you so much @bearbear613! :)