Time to Mirror What We Have Created On Here - To Create Change

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There is a stirring happening, a calling to remember. Can you hear it ? The signs are all there. So much is being brought to the surface, so much injustice is finally being recognized and the pain of the many is finally being acknowledged.

We are connected now, more than ever. We can witness so much more, because we the people can now share our stories, our lives with others around the world. We can bare witness. We can lessen the divide, finally, because there is no need for a middle man. For the endless lies that have been feed to us over the years.

Now we can find things out for ourselves. We can take back that power, we can relearn knowledge, that we were strategically told was unnecessary. So much knowledge is now at our finger tips, so many people willing to share, so many willing to learn.

This is so evident on here, on the Steemit Platform. So many people sharing their knowledge and skills, it is the sharing that is the backbone of this community, in my eyes anyhow. Sharing ourselves, our stories. Laying it all out, so that we can see how similar we all are.


For sure we have different goals in life, we come from different walks of life. But on here we are all the same, we all come here to share and to be heard. To learn and to offer advice and support. We are here to help one another grow.

There are no walls here, no limitations on what we can post, no censorship. Just the freedom to express ourselves. And with that freedom, look at what has been created, a community that is all united in making this platform grow, because when it grows, we all grow with it.

For sure I could write about some of the things that are not so positive, but why would I. Why focus on that. We choose each day when we wake up, how we want our day to go. We choose how to behave and interact with the world and we each choose how we wish to interact with this platform.

I like to connect with those who wish to focus on the best, to focus on the positive, because what we have here is amazing. The global community that has been created on here , is so inspiring. I have friends, from all over the world and we all see one another for who we are. Of course that depends on what one is willing to share, but we all do share to some extend. How much, well that is up to each one of us to decide and there are no expectations from anyone.


How well you do, well that depends on what you put in. The amount of time you spend on here and what you help to create. And also on what exactly you expect to get. Like I already said, we are all in this together, so when the platform grows, we grow with it.

It's funny how this online life of mine. really reflects the diversity that I would love to have offline. It is as though we are creating the world we want, first on the platform. It makes sense then, that we take what we have learned and apply it to our own individual lives.

This talk of abundance, the many posts about communities and showing our gratitude. How we all strive to be more autonomous, by being in control of what we create online. Now it is time to take back control of what we create offline. To take responsibility for our lives.

Everything starts with a thought and we build upon that until we make it a reality. From the art we create, including the many works that we share on here. Sharing to empower ourselves and others.

It is a choice we all can make and it is up to you what you choose?

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@trucklife-family, In my opinion in every moment Stage rises and it's upon Individuals which path they want to choose and walk 🚶. Our minds are so much opened now because in my opinion Earth 🌏 is ascending. Stay blessed.

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I too, choose to be one of the grateful creators and uplifters of others.

Loving the digitized arty images!! Very cool.

And yes, there is an almost-explosion of energy and creativity happening. Wonderful to feel it clearing the cobwebs and invigorating people.

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The thoughts you share on this post is very much the way we feel about the brave new world we are all a part of....
Many blessings to you and yours,

Lovely art, and as you say we are all in this community together, from all parts of the globe but still united in sharing our thoughts and creations.