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"Necessity, the Mother of all Inventions" as it is so rightly said. Till the time it does not strike the spark does not come through.
I cannot clearly define what percentage but yes it is for sure that most of the time our senses get active only when we are in a difficult situation, otherwise we are peacefully sleeping, mind is at rest and life just goes on day after day in the same routine, same schedule.

But at the same time it is also a fact that when the disaster strikes there is something that automatically triggers in the brain and the ability to cope up with the disaster automatically comes up, otherwise in a normal situation these triggers will not happen. It is like someone putting on a switch in the brain. Disaster comes in all different forms in life, some are in the day to day personal life, some are connected to our environment, some in the place we live. The day to day life disasters are happening all around us, but we live in such a fast pace life that till the time it does not strike us personally we really don't get into it much.


For e.g. in my current situation itself, my neighbor was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and when we got to know about it, we did try to see how we could help, but it was only to a point, not that I was whole heartedly involved in it. But when my husband was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition since that time I have been studying about it and trying to find out possible remedies to fight it. When others are going though disasters we do feel but we do not experience it hence the reaction is more of an empathy but we do not really get into the critical thinking mode. It is like watching a movie where you can anticipate lot of things but not really dive into it. We feel the pain but we really do not get into the solutioning part of it.

It is so much important in today's time to keep our mind open where something or the other is always happening, avoid being a spectator, learn from other's experiences cause you never know when a disaster can strike you.
There is also a possibility that sometimes when the disaster strikes you will completely shut down and in a position of helplessness. It all depends on how psychologically we can cope up with the condition. In such times our Mental and emotional health will decide if our critical thinking ability activates or dies down. If the situation becomes very emotional then the mental health will also fail. Hence all our thinking capabilities will also depend on our emotional and mental health.

Disasters can bring us down, but if we have always been mindful with our learning's then they can be very handy in managing our own disasters. It is not necessary always that our thinking will shift when it strikes but yes if we have had some experience about it with others then that will help a great deal. At the same time it is also important that we keep our thinking capability always active and not only when we are in a troublesome situation.

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