Wild plants growing along the creek - Ultraviolet and Infrared Photography

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Some Violet plants were growing on a raised part of the forest, when trees fall the roots will build little hills for new plants to grow in. So some wild Violet plants look like they have moved into the fertile space.

These photos are my posts for #treetuesday


Camera ModelLumix GH3, modified by LifePixel for Full Spectrum
LensOlympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm-50mm
FilterB+W UV Black (403) Filter
Shutter Speed1/20 sec
Film Speed200
SpectrumUltraviolet-A and Infrared (UVA and IR)
Wavelength320 to 385 nm and 800 nanometers
LocationWildcat Creek Campground, Georgia USA.


A closer look at them, something has been feeding on the plants. Though it seems pretty much unharmed and still reflecting alot of infrared light.


I came across another downed tree, moss was growing on it making the bark reflect infrared light as well. Usually bark is a non reflective media when it comes to my camera but when moss lives on top it will reflect the light to protect itself.


Rhododendron plants were growing all around, they seem to like to grow right along a creek or body of water. Makes sense, a constant supply of water is preferred for many trees.


Some of them hanging over the water, the creek was flowing and small ares of white water was formed. They can be seen in contrast to the black water shown by my camera.


One are of the trail was pretty much washed out, when it rains heavily near by im sure this path is almost impassable.


People have laid down logs and sticks to make it easy to walk across the muddy area. The plants all around are as happy as can be, coming up a bright white color. My special camera picking up on light otherwise is invisible.

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I take pictures with a special camera. Its a Mirrorless DSLR that has been modified by Life Pixel to see light in other wavelengths. This allows my camera to see light in the Infrared [IR] around 1300 NM wavelength, through the visual spectrum and into the Ultraviolet A and B wavelengths roughly into the 300 NM wavelength.

I carry many filters on me to make the photos you see in my blog, these filters screw on my lens and help me isolate certain wavelengths for certain scenes. These filters can be IR / UV pass-through filters to assist me get a natural photo taking out the UV and IR light. Or I may use a Infrared pass-through filter capture just IR light. I can do the same with UV light as well, though I need some better filters which they can cost a few hundred dollars for true Ultraviolet pass through filters. So for right now I have B + W 403 bandpass filters that still allow some IR light in, due to their cheaper material.

There are also exotic glasses made of sapphire and germanium I am open to working with to replace my silica glass hot mirror with a material that allows even longer wavelengths of infrared to enter my cameras sensor. Special sensors, lenses and filters of that material would be needed as well, so it would be a big project but one that may give some even more unique photography results.


Addresses below to help me buy better camera equipment and support me to travel to locations to do photo and video and overall great blogs in new places. I would be happy to list some of the contributors in my posts for donations that help me along the way.


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@solominer, Photography is a Art. And you've turned common view into something beautiful and this closeup view and effect is making these plants like White Gems. Stay blessed.

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@chireerocks thanks alot it sure does have a unique look to it.. white gems I like that.. nice observation

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Welcome and thank you so much for your kind appreciation. Have a great time ahead.

The shiny shiny leaves :)

@ewkaw that infrared really bounces off live plants nicely.

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It does indeed :)

Beautiful 💕

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@clitadias thanks much

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@dsc-r2cornell oh cool thanks alot for the curation

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i thought about converting one camera to ir but i am not sure how much would i use it. looks fun and interesting

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@bil.prag if you are outdoors alot having an infrared or full spectrum camera can get you some amazing shots. But if you just shoot indoors then it's not as useful.

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Beautiful photography

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@shuvo35 much appreciated

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