Looking Out My Backdoor

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Good morning my fellow Steemians and Happy Tree Day. @treetuesday is inspired by @old-guy-photos.


Lots of snow laying heavy on the tree branches. Amazingly how the branches bounce back once the snow has disappeared. That may be awhile as it is only January.

I’ve pointed to the little speck which is a bird waiting up in the tree this morning. He’s waiting to see if any food coming out.

I am using the iPad and it doesn’t zoom in like the camera. The pine tree branches are weighted down by the snow and the lower ones are buried in the snow. It always recovers.

Photo is edited in warm tone.


Eight birds in the hood,
Sing a song of winter storm
Belly full of food.

I gave them bread soaked in sunflower oil and this is a some extra- a helping of some seeds and dry cat food to keep them going throughout the day.


Hubs has cleared the front driveway and a bit of sun is out.


Now the driveway is cleared of snow, I can drive into town for some groceries and to visit my friend in the hospital. She really liked the War Cake and I will take her in some with a coffee from Tim Horton.

This War Cake is made without eggs, sugar or milk but moist and tastes delicious. Water, raisins, molasses, shortening, cinnamon, flour and baking powder are all that is needed and it will last a long time kept in a tin in the frig.

As indicated by the name it was a cake made by loving parents and sent overseas during the war to the soldiers. It was a delight for them to receive one and would last similar to a fruitcake.






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Awesome picture. It hasn't snowed much this year in Seoul.

Thanks! You are lucky Christopher. Newfoundland and some parts of the East Coast has been bombarded with snow.

Blessings! 😊

Wow look at that snow, pretty birds coming in to visit for a treat most probably hiding in the trees till you put your head out the door.

Your cake looks and sounds so tasty something my family do love is fruit cake, wishing you a wonderful day.


Hi Joan! Yes the birds know when I get up in the morning and come immediately when I open the door. In the other seasons there are not as many coming around.

The war cake tastes much like a fruit cake but with only raisins. I tried making one with cherries and other fruit but it didn’t turn out as good.

Thanks so much for the tip. Appreciated! 💕

Raisin is also good I would throw in a couple of crushed walnuts for flavour.

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Winter photographs, cute birds and cake. That's a nice combination to me.

Thanks @hlezama! I liked the cake and the birds enjoy any crumbs. 😂

Nice amazing nature photography.

Thanks @kamrunnahar! 😊

Hi Jo, snow looks so beautiful but has its drawbacks I can see. Glad you got to see your friend in hospital. The War Cake is quite amazing, I have never heard of it. Do you use shortening or butter?

My friend didn’t seem to be too good today. She did sit up on the side of the bed and have a piece of the cake and coffee. I did laying on of the hands and she seemed to perk up.

The recipe called for shortening. I don’t know what would be more available during wartime but farmers would have butter.

Recipe for War Cake

Boil on stovetop for 3minutes- 2 cups water, 2 cups raisins
add 2/3 cup of shortening while mixture still warm.

Let mixture cool-

1 cup molasses
3 cups flour
1 tsp. baking powder.
1 tsp baking soda dissolved in 1 tsp. hot water
3 tsp cinnamon
Mix thoroughly and put in greased tube or loaf pan in 350 degree preheated oven. Bake approximately 1 hour.

Hi Jo, I am sorry to hear this, it is hard to see a good friend so ill and declining, the energy you gave her would have bolstered her. Sending healing and light.🙏
Thank you so much for the the War Cake recipe, I am going to give this a go. I will let you know how I go.

Thanks Angie! 💕 My friend is so pumped full of pills that I didn’t know if giving her extra energy helped. I asked her if she could feel the energy that left my hands and touched her aura and she said no but she did perk up.

I hope you like the war cake. Please let me know how it goes. 😊

I thought I would use margarine for shortening - I hope that works.

I am sure your friend's spirit/soul is loving the energy you are giving. It is hard for the physical body at the pre-passing time when it is full of drugs.

When my parents were each in hospital for a short time before they passed I just sent them prayers and energy using Reiki symbols. They were firm Catholics and would not understood spiritual healing.

The margarine should work okay Angie.

I’ve never studied Reiki but could send the energy across distances.

Surprisedly, my ailing friend had some training in Reiki and I asked her if she could use it to help heal herself and she said it isn’t used that way.

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Yummy!!! I love war cake and line me up for Tim Hortons!!! Isn't he the best? Your blue jays love you and yes! You win with the snow, but, just know that I am a little jealous!

Hi, Jo!!! I hope your friend is doing well!


Thanks Denise. My friend has failed some since I last visited but I think she perked up a bit and ate a piece of war cake and sipped the coffee. If you can eat it is always a good thing. The prognosis isn’t good and it’s difficult to see her without hope of getting better and returning to her home.

Nothing but the white stuff for miles and miles. 😂 Sun is shining this morning so all is well. 💗

Ohhhh. That makes me a little sad and I don't even know her.

Every day she spends with a smile is a win. It is people like you that make her end days meaningful. God love you, woman. xoxo

I lift her up in prayer. xo


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A beautifull scenery! We only had fog yesterday and today a little bit of frost! Would like to battle out a snowball fight with the sons but by the looks of it, this won't be happening this winter here :(


Thanks @fullcoverbetting! The snow is great foe snowball fights. A lot of people out on snowmobiles.

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Beautiful! It's 36 degrees F here, there's a freeze warning out, and like I've said before, I'm pretty close to as far south in the US as one can go. Brrrr! So I'm really "feeling" your photos this morning haha!

I love your jays and my jays too! So thoughtful of you to be their source of nourishment. How sturdy they are in that frigid cold! Mine are experiencing a slightly milder bit of that now as well. Feathers are great insulation I guess. :)

Thanks @free-reign. You are getting some cooler weather too. We had a cold night and this morning the jays were waiting for me. Lol. I think they need some help finding food during Jan & Feb here.

Aw, it's so wonderful you are concerned about them. How cold did it get that night on PEI? My outside temp is only down to 50 now. Was still nice for sleeping with no AC use, and no frost warning. :)

50 is nice for this time of year @free-reign. . It went down to -17 C (1,4 Fahrenheit) that night, Way too cold but last night the gauge was showing -5C (23 F). Sun is shining again this morning and that will warm it up for daytime.

Those birds know when I get up. When I put the food out they are there in a flash. Even the raven was by this morning.

Certainly looks freezing cold out your back door, weird to say that when we're sweating here on the other side of the world;) Must say that cake looks very good!

Thanks @lizelle. Yes we certainly are in different temperature zones. I could use some of your heat. 😊

those pictures of the snow look beautiful and the one of the cake looks delicious

Thanks @carlinacardoza! I’m glad you liked them. 😊

How nice of you to give these birdies some bread for the day. I hope one day I'd get a chance to play out in the snow just like these birds.

It’s important to help the animals out in January and February when we have the cold and snow. I hope you get to play in the snow someday.

So many people love skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and just having a good old fashioned snow ball fight.

Oh it certainly looks like winter is upon you @redheadpei :) Snow, snow and more snow, lol We used to feed the birds during the winter as well, they're so fun to watch and helping them with a little food is always a good thing. Stay warm! I would love to hear more about that delicious cake, it looks beautiful!

Indeed winter is here in full force. As long as I bundle up when going outside I can live with it. 😂

I put the recipe To the War Cake in my comment to Angiemitchell on this post. Because it is made without eggs or milk it would keep well and families would make these cakes during the war and send them overseas to their soldier. Sugar was rationed then and sugar wasn’t required as molasses has enough sweetness. I found the cake sweet enough and it is surprising how good it tastes with simple ingredients.

Beautiful scenery @redheadpei and that cake is amazing 💕


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Thank you Bruni! 😊

That definitely is a lot of snow. It's nice that you're feeding the birds over it! Hopefully they'll thank you by leaving your car alone.

Hi WW! They don’t seem to hang around with droppings but head back to the forest after breakfast. The car is in the garage anyway 😂.

Love this. You have such gorgeous home. The haiku is really good too!

Thanks my dear @owasco for your kindness. 💕

Those are such lovely photos! I never experiences snow personally in my whole life. I hope that one day I will hehe. Thanks for sharing this with us !

Thanks SG! There are many snow sports to enjoy when you get to experience the snow. 😊

I thought blue jays migrate South for the winter! I was surprised to see them in the snow. Also, cup of hot cocoa with that war cake and the snowy view... Hmm!

The Blue Jays are always here, actually I see more in the winter as they are looking for food. Cup of hot cocoa would go nicely @lymepoet. 😊

A nice setup that you have there to feed the birds Lady Jo.
I can just imagine what your wonderworld of snow must look like!

Thanks Sir Stephen. 😊 I do love the scene outside with the sun coming up over the snow covered trees as I sit by the kitchen table.

Oh yeah, it must be a magical sight indeed Lady Jo.

Oh yeah, it must be
A magical sight indeed
Lady Jo. Blessings!

                 - papilloncharity

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Such beautiful pictures. I remember you mentioning the War Cake. I copied the recipe, but still haven't made it yet. I need molasses. Thanks for the reminder. Wow, it rises really well. Hope mine does also.

Thanks @justclickindiva! Please let me know what you think of it if you make it. It’s a quick cake to whip up and stays well in a tin in the frig for quite awhile. 😊

Ok two things to be jealous of the snow and the cake

Awww - so sweet of you to say @brittandjosie. 💞

You got a very nice amount of snow, @redheadpei! It’s so wonderful that you feed the birdies. They know where to go! I have not seen a bird in my feeder for weeks. It was far below freezing temperature. I hope they have a way to stay warm when it’s that cold!

I love your picture of the sun on fresh snow. Those are my favorite days!

Thanks @jayna! I wonder if your birds that came to the feeder have migrated South for the winter. We have had a few cold nights but the last few days are lovely. I hope that lasts For awhile. 😊

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Howdy redheadpei! This is great, I never knew about War Cake and I saw the recipe, I think I might try it. Sounds like it would go great with coffee.

Mornin’ Cowboy! Yes you should give it a try. Simple ingredients and no sugar.

Yes I took note of that, pretty awesome. Do you know if molasses is bad for you? Can't be as bad as sugar anyway.

Snow! We had snow the other day but we couls still see the ground. This is snow! Such lovely photos too. Thanks so much for sharing them.