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Tree trimming before the Hurricane... Was good timing by my neighbor getting the trees trimmed along our property last Sunday...

They have a concrete driveway running along the property line that goes over 300 feet / 90+ meters... That made it easy access for the tree trimming...

20200802_125754 2.jpg

The acre and a half was an over grown field when I bought it in 1976... Now the locoust, maple and other trees are 60 feet / 18+ meters.. Looking scary high after the trimming...

20200802_135354 2.jpg

Big wood chipper then used to get rid of the branches...

20200802_135350 2.jpg

20200802_153654 2.jpg

The after picture... sorry no before picture but you can imagine the spread of branches over the driveway...


After they finished I got them to trim my magnificent Beech tree who's branches over hang my electrical power line...

20200802_151342 2.jpg

20200802_151431 2.jpg

20200802_151453 2.jpg

20200802_153134 2.jpg

After the trim....August 2020

20190702_190842 2.jpg

Before the trim, last July 2019


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That is handy dandy .. Thank you...😊👍

Good idea.. those could whip into power lines or rip off all nasty.

Trees need a lot of room as they grow...but not by my house or power line...

That was perfect timing to have that done. I have a house out on the Eastern Shore of Virginia that I need to go over to this weekend to clean up the self-pruning pecan trees. The sycamore are in number of 3, but, we think they are about 150 years old.

The house looks all neat and trimmed up!

Upped and Reposted


Love those big trees as long as they keep standing..Thanks 4 the rehive...😁

My pleasure! I agree with that! I have sycamores and pecan and oak... a few are over 100 years old. Yikes if they ever fall!

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I need my trees trimmed as well! But all the workers are still busy on the building site!

Trees grow so fast ... Then get to big and have to be taken down...😒

That's a huge property to maintain but would be nice to live on a big property like that 👍

A lot of dead wood has to be removed.. but it's ok...😊👍

Must be done it always comes back looking better 👍

It' a giant hedge now... 😊

And i would say looks better as a giant hedge 👍

That was nice of them to take the time to trim your trees too. I bet you feel much better having it away from the line.

Yes , had to be done.. 

Nice to have a bit of a clean up and clear the way for new 😊

Yeah the tree should fill out next spring..