Love The Looks of Dead Logs 🌴

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Taking a walk along the Byron Bay coast line higher up through the mountains forest area you come across a lot of natural nature although at this time of the year it is cooler over summer has passed but has left the forest a bit dry but with the rain season coming on that will all soon change and become a lot more vibrant with fresher green foliage.




Even though the woods are dry at the moment there is some distinctive tree logs laying around that are so amazing to look at having such amazing underlined texture as they slowly decaying away to fill our soil with more nutrients.




As i wander through the coastline mountain forest i look at these amazing tree logs laying around and if i could pick them up and carry them home i would they would sure look great in my garden.




I do enjoy wandering through the woods looking at old aged wood in the forest trying to imagine how many years it has been on this planet , it might look like a dead piece of wood to us but it is still here surviving and if this logs could talk they would have many interesting stories to tell.





#treetuesday by @old-guy-photos




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Thank you again for your updates @hivebuzz 👍

You are welcome again! Great to see you are so acitive!

Thank you Liz 😊


Wood - old and decaying - is always fascinating... Must be the textures and grain.
What more, something that's been left in nature to grow old and abandoned...

And all those combination gives you a nice piece of artwork 👍

These are some great looking textures of dead wood love your angles of the shots 👍

Thank you @bigsambucca i always have a thing about wood texture just looks so artistic 👍

I agree i am a lover of old wood textures myself and you got some pretty good ones there 👍