Cherry Picking in Sydney N.S.W !!

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Who doesn't love picking fresh fruits of trees i know i do , picking it fresh of the tree yourself it doesn't come any fresher then that and it also makes a fun day out with your friends , partner or family and it's a lot cheaper then buying from any other fruit outlet. Last November my wife and myself were in the Sydney suburbs visiting my mum so we decided on the way back home to Byron Bay we would do a stop over at a cherry farm in Bathurst.



Cherries are loved by young and old and i can eat them by the bucket loads on this cherry orchard farm called George and Sue's Cherry Farm in Bathurst that we have been visiting now for the past five years picking our own fresh cherries were normally you would pay $25 - $30 a kilo in a supermarket we can get them here from $7 - $10 a kilo a third of the price and we eat a couple or so that don't end up in the bucket 😊



The drive alone makes it very relaxing winding you out as you driving through some of the most beautiful country side seeing this tunnel of trees on the way to Bathurst , i just had to step out of the car a snap a couple of shots tunnel trees over a road are also so impressive to love at it's like your entering into the beauty of nature forest.


Of course there are some drier areas also but even the more naked trees have there beauty and characteristics.



The cherry orchard farm in Young , N.S.W holds a National Cherry Festival every year in early December where you not only can pick your own cherries but make and day of it and join in there annual events of activities like pie eating, pip spitting and they even have street parades with live music a fun day for all.



Did you know that Cherries are classed as one of our healthiest superfoods they are very high in antioxidants and flavinoids and help fight those nasty dastardly free radicals and apart from been such a tasty fruit these are some of the other reasons why my wife and myself love cherries so much.



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Those shots of the low-hanging fruit were simply mouth-watering awesomeness! The abundance actually stunned me. I have been to U-picks for cherries and either your perspective was different with the camera or those are cherries on steroids!

Kidding. They just looked that good.

I love it when there are festivals and contests involved and they make a community day of it all. All of ours have been shut down this year, of course, and the 4th of July celebrations have been canceled. Next year will be even more special, I am sure.

The scenery was beautiful and the pictures stunning! Thanks for taking us with you! We need to get to your mother in laws more often! ;)

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Mouth-watering shots, I love cherries! :)

@tipu curate

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Me to looking forward to the next cherry season coming soon . Thank you @phortun for your support very much appreciated.

I love cherry but I've never had a cherry-picking experience. It is cherry season in Japan now.

Cherries are so yummy , you should go it will be a experience and it will make a nice colorful story to blog 😊

The coronavirus situation in Japan, it is difficult to go now. Bit I will find the place where is nearest me.

Understand this coronavirus is stopping us from doing many things at the moment well hope you do fine a cherry farm closer that you can visit 😊

I hope so. ^^

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Wow very great cherries 🍒 they are looks really delicious 🤤!

Thanks they were very juicy and sweet cherries just love cherries 👍

You’re welcome 😊, you make me hungry 😋.

Your nice post reminds me when I was a Kid.
In Summer I loved to climb on one of the cherry trees in our garden and eat the fresh cherries until I almost got sick. Well, sometimes it was too late and I got sick 🤮

Cheers and !BEER

Nice that it bought back good memories but not the sick part to me cherries are like peanuts once i start eating them i find it hard to stop luckily there not available all year round you would never get me away from them 😂

Haha, yes, and the next day they taste as sweet as before, or even more 😉

Cheers and !BEER

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It's cherry picking season is it? Lovely fresh cherries.

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Wow! just love all the photos.😍😍

Thank you for your kind words 👍

Cherry farms are in Western Cape are far away and I have never been to one, this is super informative, makes for cheerful photography being outdoors in nature.

Picking your own what a pleasure, hope you avoided the temptation of over indulging on those delicious, healthy little fruits.

Oh that's a shame that your cherry farms are so far away well i do hope you may get the experience some day.

It was hard not to indulge myself when it comes to cherries , i was like a little pig in the mud couldn't help myself 😂

Nothing could beat walking through the trees having a couple while collecting, definitely something to pop in the mouth and enjoy while toiling away.

You are absolutely right and we are looking forward for the next cherry season to do it all over again 😊

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Lovely looking healthy Cherries!

And they were so tasty very juicy 👍

nice photos :) I love cherry. The county where I live is famous for cherry. Cherry festival is held at certain times of the year. Cherry beauty is chosen and artists give concerts :)

Thank you @ssygmr i love cherries and festivals i go to them every year when they are in season 😊

me too :)

This is the best way to get your supply of cherries, or any other fruit.
If I have to take parr in the festival I would rather be into pie eating and not into pip spitting LOL

So true nothing better then fresh of the tree yeah i would be into the cherry pie eating also leave the pip spitting to the little kids 😂

Yum, I would love to pick cherries of a tree @kohsamu99, but regrettably live in wrong part of Australia for this little activity.

It is definitely the best way to get them fresh of the tree doesn't get any better well i hope you do get out to a cherry farm some day as you said just do it 😂

  ·  last month Reveal Comment

Any fruit fresh of the tree is just the best 👍

  ·  last month Reveal Comment