The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree !!

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Today is #treetuesday hosted by old-guy-photos and i haven't done #treetuesday for a few weeks because i haven't seen any tree lately that has taken my breath away you know that that is different till the other day.





Well i was walking through this park in Bangkok last weekend and i could see this bare tree trunk from a distance but the unusual thing i noticed it was gleaming like different colored neon lights from the sunshine bouncing of the trunk well this made me curious.





On closer inspection i saw all these beautiful colors running through the trunk i thought to myself is this real has someone painted this tree trunk to look like this it was amazing looking at the textures of colors i have never seen just a colorful tree.





I honestly wasn't sure what i was seeing it was like rainbows of beautiful colors it looked like the Eucalyptus Gum Tree we have back home in Australia but not colorful like this one our ones are just pale white trunks.




Well when i got home i was still in disbelief to what i had just saw so i looked it up and indeed a Rainbow Eucalyptus tree is real. Their are many species of Eucalypyus trees but this is the most outstanding species.



How this appearance comes by on these rainbow eucalyptus is that as the strips of bark shed the under lying of the trunk areas change color from green to other colors as this process takes shape it starts looking like a rainbow eucalyptus tree and this is referred to as the "Living work of Art".



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Amazing! Thatch an fantastic tree 😍

Thank you @galtsund 😃

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Thank you @pixresteemer 👍

Very spectacular tree! Beautiful patterns and colours! Grand old tree with lots of stories!

Thank you my friend i would say it has a few stories in it's trunk 🤣

Wow, stunning! :)

Thank you my friend 👍

Hi @hangin, there are few species of Eucalyptus. This is Eucalyptus deglupta, Rainbow Eucalyptus. In Australia you see maybe is Eucalyptus alba. The trunk is so attractive, I love this tree. Good post!!👍👍

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Thank you @cherryng it was my first time seeing this tree it was a real delight to have witness this beautiful tree 😺

This tree looks multicolored and really different.

Truly an amazing tree was really nice to see one it was my first 😃

Oh dude that is one really awesome tree. I never saw anything like it! Great find Angelo!

Thank you my friend it was awesome was my first to see also and sorry for late reply been so busy 👍

This truly is a living work of art and you are so lucky you had the opportunity to photograph it. Beautiful shots Angelo! @tipu curate

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Thank you so much my dear friend it was truly an experience to see this lovely tree and sorry for the late reply i have been so 👍

And much appreciate your upvote 😃

I can only imagine! Always a pleasure Angelo an no need to apologize 😊

Cheers have a wonderful week my friend 👍

Same to you Angelo 😊

Wow, how beautiful! Thanks for sharing these photos!

Thank you @violetmed your most welcome 😃