The Lonely Trees !!

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I haven't done a @treetuesday for a little while so today i thought i would go through my tree archive folder and as i was looking through i spotted a couple of photos of lonely trees i had photographed on my travels so as i dug deeper into my tree archive folder i was finding more lonely trees that i had seen on my travels and photographed amazing what you find going through old photo folders , so i thought let's put these lonely trees into a post to remind me of my travels.


Let's start of with my travels in New Zealand this lonely tree sits out in the middle of Lake Wanaka in Queentown and it is known as "That Wanaka Tree" in the middle of the lake.


It is actually a Willow tree that is more then 100 years old and said to be the most famous tree in New Zealand and perhaps the most photographed tree in New Zealand and can certainly look spooky of a night time.



This lonely tree i spotted on a open land area driving through the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in Australia , just outside from a town called Bundanoon , it just looked all happy and green sitting out there absorbing all the nutritious of mother nature on it's own why wouldn't you be happy.


This one was on the same highway root coming out of Bundanoon town even though this tree was dead it still had lots of character and very picturesque with the right sunset in the background.


Here is a nice autumn tree sitting on a hill side in the state of California in America this lonely tree was casting the most beautiful shadow on a beautiful sunny autumn morning as we were walking along the hillside trails.


Now we are in Thailand this amazing lonely healthy tree i saw all on it's own just off shore of Krabi Island in the Andaman Sea it does amaze me how trees can live and look so good growing in salt water.


And this last one is a tree living in the middle of a rice field paddy on my girlfriends rice farm in the province of Khon Kaen in northern Thailand what beautiful views this tree has.



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Thank you @pixresteemer 👍

Pleasure mine! @hangin 👍

Woow, these are spectacular shots my friend! The isolated one sticking out of the lake is my favorite. Some real gems by Mother Nature. Amazing collection.

Thank you my friend and you are right that is my favorite also 👍

Have a great day 👍

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Thank you @pixresteemer ...Cheers 🍺

Very nice idea of lonely trees. I quite like them! Thank you for posting.

My pleasure thank you @bluudz 😊

A tree in the middle of the lake? Hahaha! 😂 Amazing! I never thought it is possible. You have an excellent gallery of trees, my friend @hangin. They are all awesome. But I love the first shot most. Though it is quite a lonely shot, but it is the most eye-catching. Hahaha! 😍

Thank you my friend it's amazing what you see out there if you put your mind to searching for a particular thing and trees i love hunting down for there characteristics and you are right about the first photo that is my favorite also 😊

Oh yes. I think it would be 'the darling of the crowd.' 😊

Most certainly 😊

Superb! I can't say more than thank you.

Thank you @bluemoon there is some amazing mother nature out there 😊

With pleasure! The nature where you are is truly amazing, especially for an European.

Ahhhh...i can't complain i love where i am 😊

I'm sure!

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Thank you @elikast much appreciated 😊

Oooh ...wonderful shots ! Love the willow tree in the lake ! ❤️

Thank you @barbara-orenya that is my favorite one also 😊

very pleasurable images, thank you! the tree at Andaman sea, shadowy tree at the green hill and 1st 3 ones i enjoyed most... - but all of them are nice captures! up.

Thank you @qwerrie for your kind words 👍

Beautiful 'lonely' tree photos.

Thank you @angiemitchell 😊

Wow what an awesome collection of tree photos. RESTEEMED 💚

Thank you @sallybeth23 i love photographing mysteries lonely trees i think they all have a story behind them and i still have some more i must do a part 2 😊

Ode to the trees! 🌴🌲🌳
You give due justice to the trees, Angelo!
All are masterful -- my favorite is the seventh one down @hangin

Thank you my friend there is something wonderful about a tree standing on it's own maybe the ruler or the lonely one they all have a the seventh one is majestic 😊

Wow sir hangin there's some really great shots here. Well, I guess everyone gets lucky every once in a while when you take a million photos each year. janton behave yourself you might get lucky some day 🤣 🤣

I hope so. I'll post them if it happens sir hangin. lol.

Good man will be looking forward to them some year...hehe 🤣 🤣