Trees and Water

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I took these photos before the deep freeze and snow. I couldn't imagine working outside in freezing weather. Just getting out of my car for 10 minutes to snap pics is brutal; especially around water where it's always windy. The entire 20 day forecast in the Philly region looks terrible. It's mostly all highs in the 20s and lows of like 6. I can't wait to go to Florida. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna purchase an acre of land in Highland County. I can tell on Google satellite that this lot is neither land locked nor swamp land. All the others I've been looking at online within my price range probably are both. I'm definitely going down soon!

These photos were taken at random locations in Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey. I'm working on location specific posts to upload in the near future. I try to have a weekly tree post every Tuesday. It's hard for me to post every day. I can't always think of something to write about, so I tend to procrastinate. I try to use at least 200 words in each post, and at least 10 photos. Anything less than that is kinda a shit post. I do upvote people who just post just a photo or 2 sometimes, if it's good quality and I like the author.

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