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My wife and I have spent all of 2019 calling Air B&B rentals home, we’re currently under rooftop number 15 and that’s just this year. I use the term “home” loosely because I once heard a ‘homeless’ man named Mark say “home is in the intellectual capacity to be happy” and its stuck with me ever since. This article is about the tricks we’ve learned using the Air B&B app over the years that save time and money and are contoured to your sleeping/living arrangements.


In case someone reading this isn’t familiar with Air B&B, it works the same way as Uber only you’re not calling for a ride, you’re calling for a place to sleep that comes equipped with all most of the living conveniences you’re familiar with. In case someone reading this isn’t familiar with Air B&B or Uber, the odds of you having a smartphone are unlikely which means you’re not reading this article anyway and I’m wasting blockchain time.


Open the Air B&B app and enter your desired location in the search bar at the top of the homepage.



Select your dates. Nightly rates are the most expensive. If you’re only staying a night or two, or less than one week, there isn’t many options to save money. If you book your stay for a full seven days, you can find units offering a discount, not too common but if you look long enough, you will find some.

The best discounts are offered for 30 day stays or longer. 30-40% off your stay for booking an entire month isn’t uncommon, we’ve received 50% off several times. The most we received during one month, after discounted rent, plus an extra discount for being one of the first three tenants to rent the property was 80%—a $3,000/month apartment for $600. You just have to be diligent and search regularly—the deal is there somewhere.

What this means is, more often than not, if you’re looking to rent for two or three weeks, you’ll save money by renting the unit for an entire month and you just extended your vacation rent free.


Now that your location and dates have been selected, click Stays and adjust the filters to your preferences—WiFi, kitchen, price range, number of beds, etc. Select your preferred amenities, too, washer/dryer, hair dryer, click each amenity you want. We select Entire Place but you have the option of clicking Shared Room or Private Room with full or partial house privileges.



You’ve set your location, dates, and filters, now click where it says ’Show _ _ _ _ stays’ at the bottom of the page. The first page of property listings shows pictures and has titles with dollar values to scroll through. What I like to do is click the location symbol on the bottom right of the page and choose by price and map location.


Now I’m looking at Los Angeles on the map with a bunch of little price tags identifying the cost and location of rental properties with filters I’ve adjusted. For this demonstration, we’ll stay near Santa Monica, so I’ll zoom in on the coast of LA and click “redo this search area” for listings near and around Santa Monica.




Pricey, huh? Welcome to Los Angeles—notice there isn’t anything available along the coast? That’s because 3k/month won’t cover the costs. Now let’s look for a good deal.


I’ll search the listed properties and see which one will work the best for us for the best price. The first one I clicked toward the top of the page lists for $2,142/month—I clicked on it and it’s already discounted about $400. You can zoom in on the map, ‘redo search area,’ click on the other available units and you’ll find better deals. For this demonstration, we’ll continue with our first selection.


Click ‘Reserve’ to view your monthly stay total after taxes and cleaning fees. Also, this is important, when you click reserve and are directed to the next page, adjust the number of guests from 1 to however many are with you, the price spikes the majority of the time when you add a second guest—this particular rental did not.

When the price does spike but we’re interested in the unit, which happens regularly, we contact the host and explain the situation. We’ve never paid extra occupancy fees, once we tell the host there’s two of us, they explain how the fees are not theirs and they belong to Air B&B only. The host then advizes us to continue the booking at the single guest rate—that’s what we do.



Carefully read each of the reviews written by previous guests and pay close attention to them. We don’t typically rent a unit with negative comments—to each their own. It isn’t difficult to spot a cry baby review over the real reviews and, if complaints are a legitimate concern such as “couldn’t contact host” or “illegal activity next door,” “gun shots all night,” we’ll skip that unit entirely. Making contact with the host, even if you’re just asking a simple question like “how close is public transportation” builds a rapport and has always proved beneficial. That’s a good one to use actually—works every time:

“Hello, Nicole. I’m @dandays from Los Angeles. My wife and I are interested in your property for the month of November. Is public transportation within walking distance? Thank you.”


They’ll respond back to you and that’s a good form of judgment itself—how long the host takes to respond. If they don’t respond for a day or two, we’re not interested in renting from them. If they respond immediately and are helpful, obviously we’re more likely to rent their unit. @puravidaville has been pretty successful getting the hosts on the phone, that’s an even easier way to judge character. I don’t like obligating myself to a month, in a strange location, if I can’t count on the landlord for something as basic as communication.

Now you’re building a rapport and you’re sharing contact information with the host. This is a good time to get in any extra questions you may have. “How far of a walk is the beach?” “Where’s the nearest Mediterranean food?” Etc. More often than not, the host will offer to mark off the dates you’ve selected just to erase competition from fellow tenants and give you a few day’s to make a decision—this happens the majority of the time, “tricks.”

Book’em Dan-0.

If you’re aware of more tricks and tips I didn’t describe, I’m all eyes, do tell.

Lastly—when you stay at one of these Air B&B locations, write a review, tenants after you will appreciate it. The shorter the review is, the worse the rental is, that’s what I’ve experienced. I, personally, have a tough time leaving negative remarks. “Good location” and leave it at that unless, of course, something like “gun shots all night long” really happened—I’ll make sure to leave that in the review. No hot water, uncomfortable mattress, etc, information like that needs to be mentioned—the next tenant will appreciate it.



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I am staying in my first Airbnb this weekend! First girls trip in way too long. So far I am quite pleased with the site. Super affordable place, the hosts replied back within 24 hours, and plenty of reminders so I don't forget I finally have a weekend away coming up. I'll let you know what we think of the experience after we actually go, but I am expecting to give a solid review. ;)

Hey @plantstoplanks, long time no talk. I can’t believe you’re staying in your very first air B and B. I’ve seriously been all over using this app. It’s my preferred way to travel. Check it out:



So so much better than hotel living, most of the time. Hope you enjoy your trip sista!!! Just wait, you’ll love the home away from home app :)

Pura!! This saves me from having to tell @dandays yet again "Please say hi to your lovely wife for me". 😂

Girl I can't even tell you how stoked I am to be getting a quick weekend away with some gal pals. This is literally the first time I'm spending a few nights away from home in 2019 (other than spending the night with the BF's parents, but that doesn't count). I'm definitely going to have to make 2020 at least have two Airbnb experiences, haha. I just got our final confirmation email from our lovely hosts, so I can't wait to get in the car and get going.

Hope all continues to go well with you! Getting any running in lately? 💚

Good to hear it Plants. We all need a little lady time once in a while. I swear you’ll never look at hotels the same way again. Happy you’re able to let your hair down soon. You have to report back what you think about the whole thing.

🥶 eeeekkkk… no running for the past month. We take off to Greece in a week where we will be close to the water so I plan on getting some solid seshes in then. Don’t judge, I’ve been perfecting my potato/avocado shaped body with help from the delicious biscuits section in every British grocery store 🤦🏼‍♀️. Haha… my first run back I’ll be thinking about you though. You’re a beast and I love it 💃

I'll try to get up a full post soon, but the Airbnb was perfect! We were really happy with it. Just as advertised, great location and nice and tidy. I will definitely go that route again, and would totally stay in this same one again if I get a chance.

Well you know I love me some spuds and some avo, so I'm not hating on you. :) I keep losing my running mojo a bit here and there, but had a nice easy run with my pal at the beach yesterday so hopefully it is more on than off for a while now. I'm sure you'll get right back in when you get the chance. I bet Greece will offer some killer scenery to run through!

Oh yay!! I’m so glad you had a good air B and B experience. @dandays and I have been all over and only had 1 or 2 negative experiences. Of course we get these same experiences staying in hotels now don’t we?!

I know you’re my potato loving soul sista. I seriously don’t even think a meal is complete without some potato something or other. My jeans beg to differ but whatevs. Haha

We are excited for Greece. We just just booked our travels through January and are super excited for everything. I’m going to devour all the falafel I can muster and then some more. I suppose come January I could use a little reining in on the yummy carbs and treats but I think that’s pretty universal 🤦🏼‍♀️

Good to hear from you @plantstoplanks. Keep up the mojo, it gives us all motivation to stay laced up :)

Whhaaatt??!! You got a response from Puravida on this one—can’t I just one-up you one time?! 😉

You’re getting your own article here, toots!

So I’m on day three of my new ish. After thinking about what you told me and limiting your time, and then I wrote an article how I quit smoking, @plantstoplanks, check it out...

I’ve since began practicing staying away from here and it’s running its course. This week I have woken up in the am (like I am now), giving myself just enough time to address responses like I’m doing now, 1 hr tops, post a new article (that’s already written) and get offline. This will be my third day in a row doing that.

It was an experiment on day 1 that led to an enlightening feeling—I don’t use enlightening lightly either. So I did it again yesterday to make sure it wasn’t a fluke—it’s not.

• I haven’t had to watch my account lead the platform in downvotes, either, it’s comfortable.
• A follower I loved ignores me now because I corrected his grammar (dang—I didn’t realize ‘English instructors’ were so sensitive). I’m not concerned about him anymore.
• My phone stays in pocket on adventures other than to capture images—that’s it!! Haven’t been checking steemworld during the day at all.
The market took a ish, no way my absence caused that though.
• Quite a few other things, Plants, and I’m only on day three. So far, so great! Only three days in and I’m already doing things like considering my own website—one without douchbags who downvote producers and whales who just consume, jerk each other off, and allow it to happen.
• This is a needed adjustment.
• Look at how many’fa king downvotes of my articles gets and all of the’fa king whales are circle jerking each other so fat wallets and witnesses are taking profits and a daily content producer outranks everyone in the downvote department (Nah, I’m not pissed at all—not even a little bit).

Dear @plantstoplanks,
What I’m trying to say is, I took myself offline and I can’t be more pleased with the results—thanks for the inspiration.

Shoot me a line on discord—I wanna keep in contact with you. God bless you guys, Plants, have a great day. 👍🏿

Well firstly, I was pretty darn pumped to log in and see your lady grace my notifications with a comment. A super boost to my morning for sure. 😊

Secondly, I 💯 percent understand what you mean when you say "enlightening" as that's pretty much how I've felt, as well. I'm still working on that perfect schedule of checking in vs. everything else, but even in the few weeks of allowing myself to have the afternoon off or letting my replies go for a few days has really been a huge boost to my well-being.

Kind of funny how things work sometimes. Already in just putting the intent out into the world that I'm going to be putting my energy into other things I've picked up a new nutrition client and new personal training client. I can feel a change coming, in a really good way. I just needed a kick in the pants to push me to work towards it. 😜

I'm still popping in on my pals on here and doing what I can to support the contests and projects I enjoy, but I'm not stressing if I go a week or so without knocking out a post. I reserve the right to whip out a post a day for a week at any given point if I so desire, but if that badge never pops up again I'm pretty alright with that, too.

Feeling pretty darn good here my friend, so I'm super pumped my good vibes have extended your way. Can't wait to be a tiny little fly on the windshield as you continue to cruise on down the highway of life, as well. Heading on to seek you out in discord now...

Great information sir dandays! I don't know if I'll ever travel or use them but tons of people are on the move.

Great content consuming, Janton, I’m impressed! That’s so cool of you to check me out like that.

Yeah, the community really seemed to appreciate this article, perfect! I don’t need to be keeping tricks of the stays to myself. 😉

Thanks for keeping an eye on me, @janton.

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Has anyone told you lately how consistent you guys are curating quality work? Really, ya’all are killin it—I just stop by @c-squared page when I need good content.

Thanks, guys!

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Yes I know it's around too am, but I wanted to respond now since this is my up time and The sweed is watching sports and I am here at this machines. I chose this post two too tell you that I am lookin on too air b n b's also. thaks four your emput….✌🙄😎🥰😂🤷‍♂️
Just given it, you know I love your support and honesty. You helped me get it figured out #steemit, see I have the # @ thing down because of you @dandays.
Life is fun anit't. 2r8F9rTBenJQfQgENfxADE6EVYabczqmSF5KeWefV5WL9WGrUkjxfRjoMzqFqmXWr9b5dYuE9S79Gtyv9XVU1LjR6YpnJ7qc3HyFNxpuZQkjq7zmZKDMobpUazBEn9CCm[1].gif

My f@vorite sw#ethe@rt of @ chef @nd my f@vori#e Mom f@rmer ever, I’m go#nn@ need to le@n on YoU now bec@use I c@n’t R#memb#r where the#e things Go! 😉

You know I we heart the Jurg’s, right? You’ve always been so supportive of the work I do here, I truly appreciate it and I’m blessed to have met you—THANK YOU! <- bigger than that.

I’m glad this article helped @farm-mom. You appreciate it—that’s all that matters. Yes, life is “fun,” that’s one of them for sure. And God is the coolest dude in this conversation.

(not sure what’s up with my belt.. that’s the link for it but it isn’t showing up on my screen.)


Good morning @dandays, your belt is showing up fine.
Glad you caught the humor in my response. You never know how someone will take it. hehe Have a wonderful day my friend. It's a beautiful sunshining day @50 degrees, should warm-up though.
I am outta here. Going for a ride👏

Nice tips and tricks for airbnb @dandays particularly in regards to only paying single occupancy rate. That price increase when the second person is added probably gets a lot of people unknowingly on the website. @tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 25/30)

Eh, what’s up @carlgnash?! Long time no see, it’s nice to hear from you again.

Thanks a lot man, I’m glad you liked this article, we’ve really gotten in a lot of practice time with Air B&B, once you got the tricks down, you can save quite a bit.

One thing I didn’t mention is when you’re building that rapport, the landlords tend to become friendly. Once, only once, but it did happen—a landlord in Costa Rica, earlier this year, offered us a second month in the same unit at half price. We didn’t accept it because we were too mobile at the moment but those offers present themselves, too, if you’re booking 30 day stays and opening communication with the owner.

I’m glad you liked this one @carlgnash, it’s nice to hear from you.

Thanks a lot for the tip.

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Thank you @splatz!

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Hey @dandays, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!