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I'm doing something similar now and it's great to know that I am not alone (and crazy to quit my 9-5 job). I like the barter system so I'm considering joining, have you checked this out? You can volunteer/ share your services in exchange of accommodation and some even provide food as well. This can be one way to save money while on the road.


Thanks for writing this comment through!
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You see, we overestimate money, life becomes lighter once we realise it's just a commodity and we'll even see how we are able to save more by not worrying about the 9-5 - less ways to spend it in useless things.

I know about workaway, but I've never tried it. Generally I exchange services on the spot, I've done this successfuly many many times. However if I finally move in a van I'm afraid the coincidence of wants won't work on my favour, so finding some skills that can be exchanged for money will facilitate my life.

Cool you can do it on the spot! That saves you workaway membership fee, I would be shy to do it though, don't know how I would give an offer

Well, it depends on what you are in need, hostels for example I generally ask if they have volunteer programs in exchange for a nice bed and shower; if you are good with programming maybe you can offer to make them a website or improve their, this is a great exchange tool.

If you have a huge following base you can even offer to do a promo for a discount or something