Roadtrip to the North

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Apologies for the lack of engagement today, you see I’m on a short road-trip to the far reaches of Northumberland.

It’s somewhere I haven’t been since the age of 14 on a school trip and with that being many years ago I’m not expecting the nostalgia to hit me.

We passed by Hadrians wall today and I was surprised to see how short in height it is.


Built in 122AD to keep the barbarian savages out of England, I feel it may struggle to contain a 3 year old for less than 10 minutes nowadays.

Traveling east across the country everything is Hadrian’s this and Hadrian’s that.

If it’s not the Hadrian’s Inn it’s stop and buy some emergency Hadrians sanitary towels for that ‘unexpected emergency.’

Reaching Alnwick, the location of Hogwarts Castle we settled in to, you guessed it - The Hoggs Head Inn this evening.


I am a self confessed Harry Potter freak despite the fact they are children’s books. The story is fantastic, especially the unabridged audiobook narrated by Stephen Fry.

The Hoggs Head was always the shady inn with the Three Broomsticks the respectable drinking establishment.


It’s seems nice so far and we’re about to dine. I’ll be back to writing my usual shit on Friday so until then it will be even worse.

Over and out.

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I do like the Harry Potter books more than the movies, the movies seem to be more scary than the books.

There’s so much more detail in the books though they did a decent job of the movies.

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This series and Star Wars are the only ones where the sequel’s always get better than the previous one.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Hadrian’s Wall used to be more formidable but has been picked over for building materials over the years. Much easier to take rocks from an existing structure than to expend the effort to dig them out of the ground.

From what I read it was never tall like the Great Wall but had lots of stations along it. Yes parts of it could have been stolen over the centuries, though now it wouldn’t happen.

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I've never been to Hadrian's Wall. I must admit I thought it would be more imposting. I can't imagine that would keep too many angry Picts out for long...

I’m not sure if @meesterboom could scramble over that wall 😁😁, had to get the dig in somewhere hehe 😂

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We have a plan to walk the wall some day. Need to do that before we get too old. We have spent some time up there and it's fascinating to see what the Romans got up to. We camped up there one time and Mick from Time Team was staying at the same site.

I'll admit to being caught up in the Harry Potter thing largely because the kids grew up on it. We have been to some locations and events. Done the studio tour twice. I don't regard it as great literature, but it's part of our culture now.

Walking the wall seems to be a thing here but not at this time of year.

@dismayedworld is a HP freak like me and had those audiobooks on repeat for several years in her bedroom when younger.

Definitely something to do when there's a better chance of good weather. We would probably B&B as we are not so bothered about camping these days. Done plenty of that.

I hope you have a great time. I have never read any of the Harry Potter books. I have heard they are really good though. I tried to watch one of the movies once and it just seemed stupid to me. Probably because I didn't know what was going on. Those Fantastic Beasts movies looked interesting though.

I haven’t read the books but listened to the audiobooks which are very lengthy. The movies may not make sense if you don’t know the story.

It’s also continuous and so they need to be watched in order.

I bet it's a great time of year to be up that way - icy and not too many people.

I'm afraid I tried reading a Harry Potter book once, I wouldn't classify it as literature. I gave up depressed, thinking back to the fact that I read Lord of the Rings when I was 11 - it's like Champions League compared to Vanarama.

I imagine Stephen Fry does a good job of bringing it to life however, and the films were quite watcheable.

I know it's all just supposed to be creative and fun but i just need something a bit more challenging these days.

I did enjoy Pullman's Dark Materials.

No sign on any ice but it is very mild and has been for weeks.

I heard the same from others about the Potter books, they either get you or don’t. The story is marvellously twisted and gets better and darker the more it advances.

I’m a big fan of His Dark Materials also.

Look out for the tree house restaurant and the poison garden. Some great beaches up there in the North East.

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Not heard of either, thanks for the tips!

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I left it a little cryptic so you could google them and discover them....

Northumberland, Lanzarote... you are doing pretty good trips lately!

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I’m between contracts now so making the most of the free time. It’s a bad time of year weather wise but being stuck in the house can get one down.

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