Siam Amazing Park - Bangkok's Guinness worthy amusement park

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Siam Amazing Park - Bangkok's Guinness worthy amusement park

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If you find being swung around in circles repeatedly at speed, then this is the park for you. I was never a fan of the spinning rides. Roller coasters, yes but spinning ones, hell no! Having said that I'll keep an open mind whilst writing this post/review and let the images do most of the persuading/dissuading for whether or not this park is worth a visit, ok? Oh also keep in mind that I'm comparing this amusement park with the many others I've been to and that opinions on the rides are my daughter's, not mine, haha.

The best way to get to Siam Amazing Park is via taxi because I have no clue how to research which bus, if any, goes there and the BTS/MRT does not go anywhere near there. It's about a 40 minutes car ride away from Bangkok. My taxi ride cost $220 TBH from On Nut BTS station. Here's some details you may need:

Address: 203 Suan Siam Rd., Kannayao, Bangkok 10230Tel: 02-919-7200, 02-105-4294Website:

Our tickets cost $650 TBH each and included a free lunch buffet. The tickets in the picture above are the coffee coupons for $10 TBH off a coffee at the café inside the park. The wristband is the entrance "ticket" and serves as your ticket for the rides as well. We purchased our tickets online while in Bangkok as the prices are a bit cheaper as opposed to buying them online whilst in Singapore because the prices shown was in USD.

The biggest roller coaster is the orange one called 'the boomerang'. The roller coaster does go 360 and also falls don't wear any glasses, hats or slippers The scary factor according to my kids is 4/10 but keep in mind they are comparing these rides to some of the other major theme park coasters or maybe they didn't want me to think they're wimpy.

This ship looking thing is a 360 viking ship ride You will be looked in by a padded bar that will be snug against your belly with just enough room for your thighs. Its kinda tight but you'll understand why and appreciate it once you're hanging upside down and the only thing preventing you from plunging head first is that padded bar. Don't worry, it's not that drastic, there's also a metal 'cage' above that can serve as 'handles' should you need something to hold on to. DO NOT EATING ANYTHING BEFORE GOING ON THIS RIDE, haha.

There is also a drop tower ride but I forgot to take a picture. Nearby, there's the Grand Canyon Express, which is a smaller ride and then there's a very small choo choo train. Cool, right? Something for the little kids. Well, maybe not. I didn't think too much of it but the others thought that the animals are all creepy looking. Further along there's a hunting scene (hunters and a dead tiger laying on the ground). If that's not "dark" enough, how about a crucifixion scene (picture below)? These aren't things, in my opinion, you'd wanna show a 4 yr old kid. In hindsight, I should've known this safari ride was going to get dark because right at the beginning there's a screaming lady that's being attacked by monkeys.

Other than rides, there are some market like stalls selling souvenir-ish stuff and a haunted house but no carnival games.The food isn't anything to write home about nor was it bad, since the lunch buffet was free, I have no complaints! As you can tell from the photos, there really weren't that many people there even though it was a Sunday which was great because lining up for rides in the scorching sun isn't fun.

Something I wished I had known before going to Siam Amazing Park, is that there is a water park on the premises and has the distinction of being the largest wave pool in the world according to Guinness World Records but we didn't get around to checking it out nor had we the attire to do so, so sadly, no pictures. The water slides looks like loads of fun too, oh well, maybe next time.

Overall, for me, it was an ok place to spend some family time here even though I'm not a big coaster fan. It would have been more fun for me if there were carnival games or the usual "carnival foods" lol. My kids didn't find the rides that exciting either (comparing to Disney, Universal, Six Flags etc). I'm guessing that the wave pool probably makes up for a lot though. I bet it's extremely refreshing on those hot Bangkok days, wait, that's like every day it's not raining. 😄😄

Thanks for viewing and best wishes!

All the photos (unless otherwise noted in the post) were taken by me and are available for sale. If you're interested in buying an image or three, 😃 please don't hesitate to contact me for more details.

Consider following me for updates to find not only my other (usually travel) bloopers, blunders and shenanigans but also photography related news/reviews and the occasional contest entry. I might even post a rant or two when I just can't help myself, haha.

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I didn't know they call it that in English lol that's funny. I personally prefer Dreamworld. Have you been to that one? Mo

Dreamworld in Australia? Yeah that one was 'perfect' for my fam. They got to do rides while I went to 'shoot' orange tigers. Impressed with the big tiger pen and the general upkeep of the facilities but not a fan of the chained cub used as a prop for tourist photo's though (although the cub looked healthy and was only brought out at certain times and of limited duration I couldn't help but feel bad for it).

Dreamworld in Thailand 🙈

hahaha ooops! wasn't even aware there was another "park" (other than the kiddie one in Seacon Square. Thanks for the heads up! I'll Google for more info and see if I can squeeze it into my Feb. trip. 8-))


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Highly deserved!!!

This looks like a fun place to visit on my next trip to Thailand. Thanks for sharing.

My pleasure! Ya, I can say I had fun. I generally do anytime you stick me in a park with my camera's, haha. My kids, being amusement park spoiled, weren't impressed but then again we didn't make it to the water park part, I'm willing to bet the water park would have changed their minds 8-)

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