A little walk in the village le piastre.

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Le piastre it's a lovely little village situated long the way to San Marcello, it's an old village, in ancient times when where no steers people for go there use the ancient walk of Saint Bartholomew, a street walked only by feet and animals, today the old street still exist but only trekking lovers use it, now there is a big street that divide the village.



As you can see sant Bartholomew Street spread in all the mountain area.
Le piastre for most of the people is just a stop place where eat something or having a little refreshing walk in the inner village or in the closer ice street, not so far from le piastre there is a street that lead to an old ice house.

Le piastre is famous for the cold weather, nice in summer terrible in winter, is the most cold place in the area because it's really to close to the river and it's situated between two high mountains.


During the winter le piastre are full of presepi and many people from everywhere come to see them, they also have many competitions during the year, like the best lie fair, the also have a museum dedicated to lies or the best cheese, where you can eat various cheese from local producers.

It's a nice place to visit, I really like it.


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