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RE: Updates: Company registration & Smiles for Miles

in #travelfeedlast year

Hahaha I love that slider! Just about to give posting a new blog a go with travelfeed and see if I can get the interlinking thing to work. Will reach out if I have any difficulty but the way things are going with you guys, there'll be no trouble whatsoever!

As much as I like reading travel blogs, you really can't beat the bigger screen experience of using travel feed on laptop or desktop monitor. The mobile app is still great but bigger screen is easier on the eyes - well, it is for this poor eyesight guy anyway haha!

Now all you need is to allow emojis or have an "insert emoji" ability for comments, perhaps down next to the reply & cancel buttons and that would be amazing! Will work well with your new vote slider

Just don't let me do the design ok? haha


Noted the idea .... maybe inserting emojis will pop up soon ... :) Thank you!!!