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Oh it would be fascinating to learn from you to travel without spending too much @mrprofessor

After reading your publication I noticed that you made reference to barter, we in my country Venezuela had stopped using it almost 100 years ago, but now more than a fashion is a necessity since our currency is very devalued.

We tell you cases of a shoemaker who lives near our school, he charges 2 kilos of rice for sewing and gluing a pair of shoes, a lady who makes dresses, she is no longer making clothes, she is only making patches and repairs of used clothes, because almost nobody buys new clothes, she charges 1/2 kilo of coffee and 1 kilo of sugar.

Even the teachers in the schools, as the salary is not enough for them, some people give them 1/2 kilo of food to subsist.

The issue is what happens on the other side of the street, people who do have money and have new clothes, they throw it away, they waste it, they are miserly, they live in big houses and have several cars, that is also happening here, a balance is needed...

It was nice to read to you.


You see, that only proves that we overvalue money...until it's not worth anything! It's pure numbers on a paper that serves to facilitate things. Thre are a million ways to obtain more of it, or work around it.

However, I don't blame those who have a lot of it and spend in bullshit, it's their option on our western 'free' world. Problem is that the government in Venezuela seems to be messing with people's freedom, so those in poverty have their chances of success absurdly decreased, right? And possibly those who run the country are sitting in a hella load of comfort.

We completely agree with you.