Courtyard spaces. 2nd microdistrict

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When people ask me how I took this or that beautiful photo, I answer them that I just came, saw and pressed the button! Photography is the ability to see, and only then the ability to use photographic equipment. And to be more precise, photography is the ability to see the light.

All that relates to good light is the contrast of objects due to lighting, the transition from light to dark, color contrast.

Sometimes this line is very thin and difficult to catch even for an experienced photographer. But if you do not take into account the urban landscape, the natural landscape, then you need to be able to see not only the light, but also the composition.

Composition is also not an easy thing. It is necessary to take into account in the frame not only the location of objects relative to each other, but also the light and shadow, as well as the color ratio.

And now about me: for a long time I’ve never taken anything into account anywhere, but simply removed by the brain automatically!

And then I look at my photos and wonder how everything works out harmoniously. I even sometimes intentionally violate the rules of composition, but nothing takes these pictures - they somehow still turn out good.

I'm also too presumptuous, because I think my shots are good. Although not, I’m rather the opposite, too critical of myself. That's because my pictures are really good, otherwise they would not have been published in books.

Do you know what the prototype of the Courtard Spaces project was called? - "Jungle in an urban environment!" I first tried to capture the synergy of trees and stone high-rise buildings.

As a result, it grew into a whole metaphysical project, where I reason on a wide range of topics, from photographing light to the spiritual perception of space.

It is a pity that the season of photographing yards has come to an end. I need darkness, it remains to wait for August. And October is better when there will be no leaves on trees.

Honestly, I'm already starting to miss those times when I could wander through the dark corners of the street like a maniac in search of the right light.

For some reason, I am a maniac too. I do not notice anyone around, except what I need. I am both absent-minded and concentrated at the same time.

Maniacs, apart from the fact that they do terrible things, essentially act very correctly. They do not use the mind, but act with the heart, instinct, intuition, soul. Of course, they approach the matter from the negative side. And if you direct such energy in a positive direction, in creativity, for example?

In creativity, you sometimes need to be a fanatic, get sick with an idea, but come from time to time to a goal and be cured.

Now I am still healthy, but at any moment I can get sick again with some kind of graphics, courtyard spaces or photography of dilapidated housing.

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