..Night at Berlin-ostkreuz-Station...

in #travelfeed8 months ago

..good morning everybody...

...just got in the big burger-factory you all know..one or two times a year everybody goes in..minimum, I guess..and as all these burger places are almost identical all over the world, surely you know where I’m sitting right now...


..ya, got it?!..if not, call it like you want..
..the last picture, i took, was from a different table, because one ‚highmotivated‘ worker decided to clean the table I was sitting too right now..oook, so this post is not about high quality pictures or poems, but it’s still about Wednesday night mood..1.11o clock..berlin, ostkreuz..enjoy, people...


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..thx a lot!..really appreciate this, great!..steem on!..keep up the great work you are doing!..

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..yesss, love it, thx a lot!...cheers, guys!..