The Naschmarkt - Vienna - Austria

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Naschmarkt – Vienna's Biggest And Most Popular Market

It was November when I visited Vienna last year with my son and his girlfriend. There was a certain excitement in the air as the city prepared for Christmas and their Christmas markets. We were too early for those, but we did get to experience the awesome Naschmarkt, the most impressive market I have ever visited, at more than a kilometer long and with three rows of about 120 stalls and restaurants. The market dates back to the 16th century when farmers brought their produce to sell to the city people, and vendors sold goods from faraway places in the Austrian Empire. Nowadays, the market is a big tourist destination as well as a place for the locals to shop for just about everything they could need!

As it was winter, warm clothing was in abundance on the stalls.

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

We were very fortunate that our Airbnb apartment was practically across the street from it, so once we parked our car it was parked for the duration of our stay! We walked everywhere from there, except for Saturday evening when we took a cab out to the suburbs to eat at a restaurant that had been recommended by a friend. It was worth the cab fare to save on the tourist rates for downtown dining!

The market opens daily six days a week, but like most stores in the city it is not open on Sundays, save for a few coffee stalls. We were fortunate to arrive in Vienna late on a Saturday afternoon , which means that we unfortunately missed the Flohmarkt though, a flea market held in the adjacent car park, and the largest and claimed as the best in all of Europe! They were clearing up the parking lot as we set off to explore the Naschmarkt.
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At the Naschmarkt, I was not disappointed in the variety of fruits and vegetables I saw all together in one location! Oh, for the luxury to be able to shop there on a regular basis!

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© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

Of course, there was every kind of cheese (both local and imported), fish, meats, sausages, stuffed peppers and olives, nuts, grains, desserts and every other kind of food you can possibly dream up! We bought cheese, sausages and bread to have for breakfast the following morning!
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© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

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© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

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© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

These dishes look good enough to eat!
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

And who would not enjoy a cup of tea poured from one of these delightful teapots?
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

Of course, it was not hard to find a souvenir to suit your tastes either.
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

And because the Christmas season was fast approaching, there were Christmas decorations to be had too!
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

The open sales of this product all over Europe was quite surprising to me. No! I did not shop there!
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

It was getting close to the market closing time when we left, but the numerous restaurants stayed open later.
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

I hope you have enjoyed this visit to the Naschmarkt in Vienna Austria. I finally got the images edited - and on a Friday too - just in time to post for @dswigle's #marketfriday!

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How amazing! This looks like a place you could spend many hours at! Thank for taking all these wonderful photos!

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I took a lot more too, but had to be selective. LOL! Thanks for dropping by to comment!

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I appreciate the Resteem!

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Thanks! There are lots of other posts about Vienna on there too - a great resource for anyone wishing to travel there!

As I read this delightful post I thought that it would be ideal for #marketfriday and then at the end I saw that you had submitted it already.
Austria is indeed a great country and I have a good friend that lives' there.
We were renting a place at his mother's home here in South Africa and he came to visit her. Since then we've been friends.

A lovely post here my friend.

Thank you! Yes, I had been meaning to dig these out for #marketfriday one of these days, so I thought that today might just be the day - and a little break from French Polynesia too! Blessings to you and yours too!

The fruit and vegetables just looks amazing and very fresh, at that market!!

I know! I wish I could shop there all the time!

What awesoem shots of the market, I remember doing a quick walk through that one when I was there a few years ago

thanks for being an active member of SteemUSA !tip

Thanks and thanks for the tip too. Needless to say, I have dozens more, but there had to be a limit. LOL!

Ohh I knew you would have but it was a great post :)

I have trouble choosing what to post sometimes. Lol!

I think we all do I know I struggle sometimes, normally I have 4 or 5 posts prepare din advance if I ever get stuck in a rut but this last couple of weeks I have taken a ton of photos but edited so few I have used up all my drafts I need to find some motivation this weekend from somewhere

Well your walks are always very interesting. I actually have years of travel photos sitting on hard drives. Did I tell you my DSLR died on the last day of our trip? I talked with the guys at Canon and it’s not very promising. In the meantime I’m spending more time editing the backlog. Lol!

:( yes I think you mentioned that it died, sorry to hear the news is not promising but at least you have a huge archive to work through in the meantime :)

Yep! And money is tight after all the root canals -3 in all and now crowns to come. I used to have separate business and personal accounts back when stock was a viable business model, but now it all comes out of the same kitty! I’ll probably get a refurbished one, as I really need it for studio shots, unless I decide to retire from that side. Most of my sales come from that though, as too many people shoot travel. Studio work is a bit more specialized.

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Thanks again @LivingUKTaiwan. I appreciate the mention!

Never been a fan of markets but seen quite a few things I would definitely buy :D

I didn’t like them in the past and always avoided them, but now I love to just browse and people watch. They seem to give the pulse of a place where local traditions and tourism meets. Hard to explain. I typically avoid crowds and hate tourist traps, but markets are different somehow. At least in my experience. Thanks for dropping by!

Well this was a really fabulous Market! I don't think I could have asked for anything more! And to top it off being right across the street from your Airbnb was like the cherry on top. Those fruits or so fresh and amazing working, although the prices are pretty high oh, you can't put a price on goodness. I just tips rolling and Reese rolling over all the wonderful food and nuts in olives. I noticed the amazing cheese and every single variety! I would have thrown myself a crossed it all and not been able to leave. I love Vienna and I have not been there in quite a few years.

I want to see 4 to be exact. I love the markets I left the people. I love the food and here you brought it all right back to my front door. So thank you, thank you, thank you! It was a wonderful post and I am so happy that you took the time and patience to edit your photos and post them for the market Friday! As always I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

#MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and steemed


Thanks for that very thoughtful and kind comment! I am glad I brought back some memories for you. I ‘m glad I took the break from French Polynesia and went back to edit these. Of course I could have posted way more images. Lol! I had to draw the line though. Thanks too for the tip. You have a wonderful weekend too! 💐

I have trouble drawing that line!!! I take way too many pictures and should really take less and take more time doing it. ;)

Even though I selectively shoot, I still have loads to edit. Lol!

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