Trip to Tagaytay and Manila

in #travelfeedlast year

Last summer, we went to Tagaytay City in Cavite for an excursion in my congregation. It is summer so we picked Tagaytay City because it is a cold place due to high elevation. We have been to Baguio City, which is higher and colder, but that place is just neat our place, so we went to more distant place which is Tagaytay

Honestly, I expected it to be really cold, but since it's summer, it wasn't very cold. It's just chilly. But the wind blows nicely.

It is my habit to take pictures, so I grabbed the opportunity to capture photo at the balcony of a park. Good thing I didn't fall there. 😂

Enjoying the breeze and the view. That island out there is Taal Volcano. It is in the middle of Taal Lake, which is in between of the provinces of Cavite and Batangas. Tagaytay City is actually at the boundary of the two provinces.

Having a selfie. You can see some cables there. That for zipline, which I didn't bother to try.

Group picture with my friends. We all had fun there.

There are lots of horses in Tagaytay City for tourism purposes. Of course, I tried to have a ride but it is scary.

In Manila

We went to my friend's sister's condominium unit where we had our dinner.

We also went to the rooftop to enjoy the view being up there, and the wind. Though, air isn't too fresh. The view isn't too beautiful too.

One last selfie before it gets dark.

Striking a pose like a model.