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Hi everyone! @lizanomadsoul here with the thursday edition of #TravelDigest. Enjoy the read!

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Travel Digest

#1 Trip to Sarang Cave : The Hidden Beauty from Almighty by @khaimi

Are you planning a vacation to Sabang City, Aceh, Indonesia? it's a good idea to take the time to visit Sarang Cave which is located at the cliff foot and the hill of the forest of Pulau Weh which juts into the blue sea. There are seven caves of swiftlet and bats, you can trace it one by one when the seawater is receding.

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#2 Spectacular Orava castle by @plantfuljourney

You could say that Orava castle is built in the middle of nowhere and you would be right in a way. It is a nightmare to get there by public transport and even by car it is far away from everywhere. But if you take time and visit this castle you won't regret it. For me, it is one of the most picturesque castles in Slovakia.

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#3 Talad Rod Fai Night Market behind Seacon Square, a haven for vintage stuff by @rayshiuimages

Other names for this "Train Night Market" are Old Rot Fai, and Srinakarin Road Night Market and pretty much any combination of those words (and small spelling changes like Talat or Rot). Why does this matter? Well because the "New" Rot Fai Train Market is located at Ratchadal. I'll post about the Ratchada one shortly but I have to say, I like this one a lot better!

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Oh my God, I did not expect this. I am very happy, and please let me say thousands of my thanks for your support. Although I am not a good writer, but here I learn to be better. Thank you @steemitworldmap

We're sure you will get even better as time goes by. The quality of the travel posts on the @Steemitworldmap are very high, so you have plenty of examples.

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Awesome features, as usual. Congrats everyone!

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