Travel Digest #707

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Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with today's edition of the #TravelDigest. Enjoy!!

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Travel Digest

#1 Kim's Quest #26: Mt. Kalatungan traverse Mt. Lumpanag/Wiji - Part 2 (View Deck to Muleta Falls) by @ybanezkim26

As the ascent commenced, I really felt my heavy bag on my shoulders (estimated to be at 14 kilograms). Halfway through Kikikoka Peak, I was slowly catching my breath. Maybe because my pacing was faster than my normal, I had difficulty in breathing. To add to my agony, my headlight died on me. Maybe the battery's already depleted or it's permanently broken, I didn't know and I didn't have time to check until the next rest area. I scrambled in my assault halfway blind.

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#2 A walk on the wild(life) side by @natubat

We seemed to be walking for ages before the actual summit cairn finally appeared. It was probably about 600m from the start of the summit plateau. We encountered a few mountain hares near the summit, but their speed was so fast that I had no time to even get hold of my camera, never mind take a photo. Mountain hares also turn white in winter, but these hares had only just started to moult, and were still mostly grey.

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The shape of San Juanico Bridge is also quite unique, it is far from the usual straight-lined bridges. Instead, you can make out a shape of letter "L" on the side of Leyte and letter "S" on the side of Samar if you look at the bridge from an aerial view. Thinking about it, I have great respect with the brilliant artist behind this gigantic structure!

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Much love to the whole team! ❤️

You're welcome @gabrielatravels, always a pleasure to have you on the Map!!

Congrats @ybanezkim26 😊

Thank you, @xsasj! Now pressured to do the part 3 of the post. 😂

Great to see my post featured! Thanks again.

You're welcome @natubat