Travel Digest #924

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Hey everyone, @ItchyfeetDonica here with another travel digest! Enjoy!

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Cycling trip at Park Sinite kamani (Blue Stones) by @vesytz

This weekend with my friends we had a bike weekend in Blue Stones Park. The park is part of the Sliven Mountains and is located in the eastern Stara Planina. The territory of the nature park has an area of nearly 11380.3 hectares. The park was declared on November 28, 1980 and its goal is to protect the specific ecosystems and beautiful nature located on its territory. For two days we visited many places cycling our bikes.

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🥈 Sea of Clouds in Mount Pulag via Ambangeg Trail by @kayceeports2020

When we talk about “sea of clouds”, perhaps the very first spot that Filipinos would think is Mt. Pulag. Dubbed as the “playground of the gods”, Mt. Pulag is Luzon’s highest peak with its summit above the clouds at 2,926 miles above sea level. The mountain is surrounded by the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya. I’ve always wanted to stand on top of Mt. Pulag’s summit. But I always thought the experience would be too beautiful to be witnessed by myself. So, I told my best friend @namranna that I need to see the “sea of clouds” there and she has to come with me. And so she did.

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🥉 Off The Beaten Track Stone Circles, And Monuments Of Dorset by @mudcat36

Today I'm going to be taking you guys around an area that's sort of overlooked, and has had very little effort devoted to it regarding it's ancient history. In fact most archaeologist rely on the findings/theories of 18th and 19th century academics as to the purpose these sites once served. The fact that so little inquiry has been done at these rural and breathtaking sites make them a must-visit for those that love history, and those who value a good day exercising the imagination. So without further adieu let's jump in.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Church, Hunedoara, Romania by @gabrielatravels
  • Industrial Urbex, Tunstall, UK by @grindle
  • A Walk around Kanazawa, Japan by @katiefreespirit
  • Hike, Calf Creek Falls, USA by @sjarvie5
  • City and Diving, Cebu, The Philippines by @scubahead
  • Walking through Paredes by Senhora do Salto, Portugal by @portugalcoin

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      Thank you so much @ItchyfeetDonica and @pinmapple team! Much love from Bulgaria 🌞.

      Thanks everybody! Much love from Romania 😀❤️

      Thank you for the recognition once again @pinmapple team 😁 So happy to see two 🇵🇭 spots in this travel digest 😍 Congrats also to @scubahead for the mention!

      awwwwww I'm blushing

      Really awesome :-) amazing