Travel Digest #917

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Hi everyone, @ItchyfeetDonica here with another travel digest! Enjoy!

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and the curation trail. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Canada's wonderland, Toronto - Travel #57 by @vegoutt-travel

"Dear Friends, let me take you on a fun trip to Canada's Wonderland on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada. It is an extra special trip as I was there during the Canada Day celebrations. Canada's Wonderland is a 134-hectare theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario. Located about 25 kilometres/15 miles north of Downtown Toronto. It was established in 1981 as the first major theme park in Canada. Canada's Wonderland is Canada's largest theme park and welcomes over 4 million visitors every year."

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🥈 Tales of the Urban Explorer: Dalton Mills - Part Two by @slobberchops

"We spent around an hour in Dalton Mills, wheezy being named as Keith after some time. What a friendly bloke he turned out to be. So there you go, thieves and robbers are not welcome, but Urban Explorers might be. Just ask for Keith at the security gatehouse. He may well give you the tour if you convince him you are not a robber."

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🥉 ???? Somewhere on the Edge of the World. New Zealand. Part 14, the Final by @sharker

"Our journey was approaching the finish line. The whole group we travelled with flew back to Moscow, but we decided to extend the trip for another couple of days, rent a car and drive to the town of Tutukaka (something about 180 km from the Auckland). Here in the post you can see two days: one day for diving and a walk near Tutukaka, and the last day — a farewell look at Auckland."

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Honorable Mentions

  • Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, USA by @kohsamui99
  • Diving, Pescador Island and Tongo Point, The Philippines by @scubahead
  • Means of Transport, Worldwide by @phortun
  • Beer Garden, Munich, Germany by @joythewanderer
  • Walk, Odessa, Ukraine by @world-travel-pro

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      Hello @pinmapple,

      I really enjoy reviewing the featured posts, now that I can't leave home, at least I travel through the experiences and memories of other travelers.

      Thanks a lot guys. Making it into the honorable mentions just made my morning. Will be going through the other posts today also.

      Thanks a lot!

      You're welcome @sharker