Travel Digest #878

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Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan with the weekend edition of the #traveldigest and bringing you the best of the best of all the travel posts on Hive. Today our top 3 posts will take you all around the world from a magical waterfall in Cebu, Phillipines, to Boris Yeltsin's home town Yekaterinburg in Russia and finishing off with a walk in San Francisco in USA. Don't forget to check out the rest of our curated posts as well! Enjoy your weekend travel read!

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Definitely Cebu #13: Cancalanog Falls in Alegria, Cebu by @ybanezkim26

A bamboo bridge across the pool connects one side of the canyon to jungle on the other side. There are a lot places where you can choose to do cliff jumping. If you're up to some thrill like me, you shouldn't miss this out. I mean it's not really that tall as I've done far taller cliff jumps before, but it's not bad for an adrenaline pumping activity.

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🥈 Yekaterinburg; the last stop on my trans-Siberian railroad journey, in the footsteps of The Romanovs by @grindle

So arrived in this city just after midnight, fortunately the hotel was just across the road, and after a 14 hr train journey, as fantastic as it was, I needed my bed! Ah crap let’s just grab a quick beer, 4 beers later I found that bed; alone, despite the offers of company from a couple of the local ladies, as stunning as they were I had to say thanks but “not tonight Josephine”

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🥉 A Walk from San Francisco to Sausalito - Part 1 by @trincowski

I stayed in San Francisco with my brother and a friend who was working there at the time. During the day he was working, so me and my brother decided to take a day to walk all the way to the famous Golden Gate Bridge... and we started from this public park, the Great Meadow Park, from where you can see the Golden Gate Bridge at a distance... as well as some great views over San Francisco.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Urbex, Manchester, UK by @slobberchops
  • City, Rostock, Germany by @katrin-lux
  • Lavender garden, Limburg, Belgium by @joythewanderer
  • Town, Ao Nang, Thailand by @world-travel-pro
  • Theme Park, Gold Coast, Australia by @bengy
  • Village, Cebu, Philippines by @discoveringarni
  • Bridge, Chaves, Portugal by @drew0
  • Hitchhiking, Vik, Iceland by @rbaggo
  • Beach, Canidelo, Portugal by @portugalcoin

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      Thanks for your mention :)

      You're welcome, it must have been great to visit your sister with your mother.

      Thank you very much for featuring my article. 🤗

      Seems like you did a lot of walking! SFO is a lovely city!

      Interesting set of places. I'd love to visit Cancalanog Falls one day. Looks super cool. :)

      Yes it does! Everytime I am curating I could add so many places on my list! It is awesome and aweful at the same time haha
      cheers, liz

      Oh, so you are curating here and on hivebuzz? You are one busy person. :)

      Haha yes I do 😉

      Nice, good luck on your curation work. I'm certain it will be a job well done. :)

      Always giving our best @juanvegetarian!

      Wow! Thank you very much for the feature! Lots of interesting travel destinations in this bunch.

      You're welcome @ybanezkim26! It was well deserved! Keep up the good work 👍

      Congratulations @ybanezkim26!
      You are such a good example to all bloggers and vloggers!

      Thank you so much @olivia08! Now that's some expectations I should live up to. I'll try my best to be a good example. Haha

      The first time I saw your post, I already noticed the professionalism, right manner and conduct. When I saw your qualification, opps! it's more than my expectation. I love people na may kakayanan pero walang yabang marami kasi magyayabang Hindi tinitingnan ang sarili. Thank you for sharing .

      I'm so touched by this comment! Thank you! 😊😊😊

      I just love sharing my travels and my thoughts. I don't want to brag because there's really nothing to brag. I'm just simply doing the things I love.

      Some love to power flex to show their superiority, but I'm not interested in those things. I just want to help if I can help. Chos. Masyado na pong self serving ang reply ko. Anyway, thank you for noticing my posts. I really appreciate it.

      Malaga well said! Gusto gustonkonang thought sa post mo helping sa lahat beginners ug mga dagku nag kita but walang pakabana puro earnings iniisip basta kumita.

      Napakasarap na may magturo sa akin, ganito kahit matanda na ako.Salamat kaayo interesting kaayo imo post at blessed na malaki kinita mo .