Travel Digest #854

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Hey everyone, @ItchyfeetDonica here with another travel digest! Enjoy!

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 All the Journeys, been in search of Desires, you have Abandoned by @pradeepdee6

The sky started drizzling slightly and the wind was cold outside. Expecting the clouds to get cleared and to see some sunlight. As we the journey to Moab begun back on state route 128, we found the roads were all empty and would rarely find someone crossing us from other side.

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🥈 NORWAY – A stroll among Northern Europe's oldest, preserved wooden houses by @digi-me

Kristiansand is situated in Southern Norway. Just like other cities along the coast, it has it's share of old preserved wooden houses. «Posebyen» is the name of the oldest part of town and the only part left after the big city fire in 1892. These wooden houses are also the largest collection in Northern Europe.

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🥉 Celebrating Buddha's birthday in Seoul by @haydae

The temple of Jogyesa had considerably changed since the first time I had visited it, which was surprising given the fact it had only been two years since then. I could tell by looking at the striking number of paper lanterns that were now hanging on all parts of the temple. At first glance, it seemed the lanterns covered every nook and cranny of the temple, hanging on wires from the ceiling, displayed on the sides, hanging from the pillars of the various buildings within the compound. Some of them were plain white, others were a bit more colorful, while others were shaped like lotus flowers or even adorned with traditional drawings, from dragons to monks.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Walk, Orenburg, Russia by @lizelle
  • Morning run, Byron Bay, Australia by @kohsamui99
  • Park and brewery, Burgas, Bulgaria by @myfreshes
  • Cityscape and bookstore, Timisoara, Romania by @bluemoon
  • Tea house, Leça da Palmeira, Portugal by @drew0
  • Fishing village, Porto Côvo, Portugal by @lotusfleur
  • Streets, Nafplion, Greece by @amikphoto
  • Christmas lunch, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago by @marcybetancourt
  • Tunnel, S.Justa Valongo, Portugal by @aleister

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