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Coronavirus is the Main Topic of the year 2020. Well, at least the rest of the world. STEEM also has a so-called #steemhostiletakeover. Anyway, for the last few weeks, the Corona thing has been a king of the castle on all major social media sites, blogs, newspapers, magazines and last but not least, television. Is the situation as serious as it looks or is it more like a bubble filled with unreasonable fear? This is the question...

A few days ago my father called me to say that the price of diesel went down by a few cents per liter in the last few days: because of falling demand, the Arabs decided to lower the price (Corona related). My wife's brother (a doctor) has to wear some kind of protective suit while at work (Corona related). Not long ago the virus reached our city too so it looks like most of us are affected by this madness in one way or another.

As a member of several travel communities, I noticed that travelers are the ones who are looking for the latest information the most. Last week questions like "Is it safe to travel to Australia?" "What's the situation in Egypt?" "Shall I cancel my flight to Thailand?" and similar were the most popular ones on Facebook travel groups and other communities. The situation is changing quickly as some of the borders are being closed and it is different in every country. It's time to shed some light on the coronavirus topic and share the latest info with each other.

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HOW TO PARTICIPATE (and share some useful information)?

  1. Tell us what's the situation in your country/city/area where you live. Share some basic info on how many people are infected, what is being done to prevent the virus from spreading, is it relatively safe to travel there, etc. You can share your own opinion, info from official sources, etc. Keep it simple, but informative.
  2. Share your post on Twitter using hashtags #travelfeedio and #coronavirus.
  3. Post the link of your article and the link of your tweet in the comment section under this announcement
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2 share the post on twitter using hashtag coronavirus.png

The article must be posted using!

  • The article must be posted using and not edited using other apps!
  • At least 450 words in English;
  • Only original content;
  • No copyright violations;
  • Proper sourcing if you are using any media that is not your own;
  • The featured image must be of your own!
  • Recommended title format: "Coronavirus situation in [location]: [your text here]"
  • Add a link to this announcement at the end of your post.

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The authors will get rewarded for participation! [From a total Pool of 500 STEEM!]

  • All authors, if their articles meet all the rules above, will get rewarded with 5 STEEM that will be transferred directly to their STEEM wallets in a few hours after joining the event.
  • In one month, on the 11th of April, 500 STEEM Pool will be divided among the same authors. The amount of STEEM they get will depend on the quality of their articles.
  • Keep in mind that all quality articles that are posted using might get an upvote from @travelfeed and other curators.


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Good morning guys!

I'm reaching out to all the travelers who participated in Travel writing contests in recent months. Please, share some information about the Coronavirus situation in cities or countries that you are currently in. Authors will be rewarded from a total pool of 500 steem.



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do you want this in a post or just in the replies here?

I work in healthcare in weeks are gonna suck over the next month so yeah..stories will come for sure

Yup, but the post has to be written using the platform. Once you finish, post the link of your article here. Also share the article on Twitter using keywords #travelfeedio and #coronavirus. :)

Thank you for participation @Elsiekjay! :) 5 STEEM was sent to your wallet as prommised! The 500 STEEM pool will be divided for authors in mid April. Good luck and stay healthy! :) I hope your sneezing won't come back any time soon... :D

Great idea - here is my post and my post on twitter

Thank you Dear @seadbeady for a detailed description of the situation in Belgium! :) I hope you are and will be all right! By the way, I am super happy that you used the for the first time. You are more than welcome to use our platform in the future! :) See ya.

P. S. Your 5 STEEM was already sent to your STEEM wallet! The 500 STEEM pool will be divided for authors in mid April.

That's the biggest prize I've seen in more than 2 years of Steem, go for it guys!

well no 450 words at the moment. 42 cases in Serbia, but we are testing a really small number of people so it is probably not real. could be a shit show in making

Same thing happening here. Officially Latvians have way more cases, but the also run multiple times more tests.

How is Serbia doing @bil.prag?


this is how it feels to me. they say 97 cases till today, but i feel the meme is right :) we have a police curfew. no one is aloved out after 20h. our office is in our home so i don't move almost at all. if they said no taxes next month, i would be playing games :D i did not play anything for years.

how are you doing

Well that sucks. I just did a post but not on travelfeed website. 💔 500 steem pool part lost. 😢

This is my entry

I hope for all of us around the world lets hope this crisis will be over soon

Hey @brittandjosie. Thank you for sharing! I am super concerned of the situation in #Netherlands as I have two cousins an aunt and two cousins living there. [My aunt married a Dutch guy and moved to Netherlands many years ago.

Could you please share your post on Twitter using hashtags #travelfeedio and #coronavirus and share the link to your tweet? 5 STEEM will be transfered to your wallet immediately! :) The 500 STEEM pool will be divided for authors in mid April.

Yo @koenau, nice to have you here! :) Thank you for shedding some light on the #coronavirus situation in Eastern Germany! Could you please edit your twitter post and add a #travelfeedio to it? I have already sent you your 5 STEEM. The 500 STEEM pool will be divided for authors in mid April.

Hello, "Tot"

Here's my report from South Florida, USA (along with some global & spiritual reflections), posted on


and shared on Twitter:

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Hey Yahia! :) I do agree with you. It is funny how we thought that it is incredibly hard or even impossible to change something that would effect the global warming, but when there is a more real danger breathing to our necks, we can do wonderful things in a few weeks. :D It means everything is possible...

I am super happy that an author like you tries out platform! Would you agree to post something on TF in the future too?

5 STEEM was sent to your wallet!

Thanks, Tot, for your warm words of encouragement :) I was intrigued by your announcement and even though I'm spread too thin on social media and preparing two books for publication, it seemed like a noble cause.

I hope to find time/energy to post something else on TF, as I do travel a fair amount (was just going through pictures of Puerto Rico, this morning, and Colombia, the other day).

Yes, I agree with you that *everything is possible* IF we want it badly enough. But, alas, after I was pleased with Fort Lauderdale for enforcing a 5pm curfew on bars and restaurants (hardly anyone showed up to St. Paddy's celebration I mentioned in my post), today, there is frustrating news out.

Despite people begging for the to shut down of beaches amid the spread of the coronavirus, the Florida governor refuses -- so with college kids here on Spring Breakers, body to body, the beach remains a petri dish for disease and contagion, which these kids are bound to spread once they return home and kiss their granparents...

Whatever boost to the economy the governor might have in mind is just not worth it. I think the sane thing for the governor to do is to allow the local officials to decide what's best.

Also, a lot of grocery stores are closing earlier, in an effort to give employees time to clean and restock. But, the problem with that is that they will be busier in shorter time span.

Plus, not to be too alarmist, bu there are a few studies that show that the virus can remain airborne for up to three hours after aerosol and you still have plenty of people not tested...

Forgive the rant, please, it's all a little overwhelming. Stay safe and sane, my friend, and let me know if you'd like me to update my post with some of what I've shared on if it's sufficient to have written it in the comments section. Peace.

Something BIG is coming... Some serious changes...

Yes, I agree... Here's a short poem I wrote, yesterday:


You can’t go back to how it was after a crisis— that’s the point, you must make radical adjustments

Others lives, now, depend on us and vice versa, either we change ourselves, or perish, together...

The world has already changed many times, before and it will continue to, with or without us.

Hi Gustavo, :) sorry for replying so late. I read your post yesterday, but had to postpone the reply. :) First of all, thank you for trying out the platform for the first time and sharing a detailed description of the situation in Venezuela. Feel free to post updates if there are any. Also, please ad couple of pictures if there is a possibility.

5 STEEM was sent to your wallet.

The 500 STEEM pool will be divided between authors in mid April.

The situation is changing so quickly so you could share some latest info in a few days or weeks from now and still be on time! :) You've got all month! By the way, where are you from @artgirl?

Yeah ok. You can check my latest post and find out. 😉

Oh, yes... Sorry, I forgot. :)


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Still at the very beginning here in Bulgaria, and some emergency measures were issued, working restrictions are in place. Are they's another matter. We shall see how things go and I will probably post later.

Would be great. Here in Lithuania we had 12 cases so far. 3 of them were diagnosed today. Government decided to close borders. Our neighbors have a bit worse situation.

I tried to post my entry but it won't let me publish :(, it just keeps hanging both with steemkeychain and steemconnect

Thank you for participation @chekohler! Could you please share your post on Twitter and add the link to your tweet here. I will send your 5 STEEM immediately once you do that. The 500 STEEM pool will be divided for authors in mid April. Best wishes to you and your relatives! :)

Sure thanks I’ve edited the post above and added the twitter link

5 STEEM was sent to your wallet!

Thank you so much! :)

Interesting challenge. I asked my friends and followers for the same and described the situation in Azores and Czech Republic but that was already 2 days ago and so much chave changed since then... This thing is just so turbulent and fast evolving... Stay strong and healthy everyone.

Yes, situation is changing quickly. This is why I made a post myself today and added the date of writing to the title. 3 more people were diagnosed with the coronavirus during the time of writing it.

Looks that all travels will stop. In Europe almost all countries close the borders and flights.

Yes, I have a friend who is stuck in Germany with her husband and 9-month son. Since last night our border is closed too. :)

Best time to spend with our families, isn't it? There are many ways of traveling. :D A local hike far away from other people is an adventure too. Great time for reading a book, learning new stuff, prepping for future travels, etc. :) I do not say, that we should not look at it seriously. I'm just saying, that we could try to see a bright sight too. It is how it is...

One of the sexiest articles about the coronavirus I have ever seen! :D Highest level of professionalism @mrprofessor! :D

Doing my best here! problem is that the situation changes by the minute, we've had our first death today =/

Hello @claudio83, It is funny because I read your article and sent you 5 STEEM a while ago but somehow I did not thank you for joining the event. Thank's a lot! The 500 STEEM pool will be divided for authors in mid-April.

Yeah thank you for your support and this great contest 🙏

Thanks, I would love to participate! :)

Here is my Travelfeed:

I dont have Twitter but I published on Facebook:

What a great piece of writing @tjasa! :)

I think the lack of toilet paper and other essentials is a common thing pretty much everywhere, but why do they buy so much yeast?

I've transfered 5 STEEM to your wallet. Please, remind me to explain you how it works!

The 500 STEEM pool will be divided for authors in mid-April. It

Thank you very much, I try my best! :) I have no idea about the yeast, maybe the will bake a lot of bread with it :)

Alrighty there it is!!

ps...just stop travelling for a bit guys!

Some thoughts from a healthcare worker perspective is something that I was waiting for a lot. Thank you @karinxxl. The funny thing is my aunt lives in Netherlands too and yesterday she shared the same info, but with more positivity.

She thinks that it'a a government's counsious desision to let the population go through this naturally and finally get that immunity. Elder citizens and people with secondary illnesses might not survive this kind of strategy, but who knows...

Maybe the virus will reach every single one of us anyway... Time will show... However, it is a good time to be with your family and reconsider your values. :D Reading a book is also some sort of traveling, but for your mind and not your physical body...

5 STEEM is in your wallet!

The 500 STEEM pool will be divided for authors in mid-April.

My Corona diary

How it looks on Twitter

The second piece of @koenau diary. Keep in mind guys that there is no limit to how many articles you may post. Every single one of them will be rewarded with 5 STEEM immediately once you share it here! Thank's @koenau.

Greetings from Vienna!
Here is my post on Covid 19 In Austria

I think this is the first post from Austria participating in this event. :)

I've transferred 5 STEEM to your wallet, but I am afraid it is not eligible to get a reward from the 500 STEEM pool as it was posted using and not It was one of the main conditions.

Anyway, thank you for sharing the latest info. If you would like to try to post something using you are always welcome. :)

Thank you for the prize .....Oh I see, I am a bit confused, I thought I would post it under the community? What about if I post a travel article, what will I be using? Or post the blog under the community? Please advise. Thanks for the reply in advance.

Just post it using and it will be automatically visible on the TRAVELFEED hive. ;)

OK Thanks!

Your welcome! :)

There are thousands of ways your soul can leave your body - Corona is just one of them. So nothing to panic or fear - Death is an ultimate truth - so why fear?

Wise words @Sanjeevm. Thank you for sharing!

Despite my young age, I had some serious concerns about my liver too.

The best natural remedy to help your liver here in Lithuania is the so-called Milk Thistle: its seeds or oil. I am not sure if this plant is available in India.

Best wishes to you and your family!

Tautvydas (Tot)


P. S. I just transferred 5 STEEM to your wallet. The 500 STEEM pool will be divided for authors in mid-April. It would be great if you could also share your post on Twitter using and #coronavirus.


Already did share on Twitter , and then added the tags in comments and #coronavirus

I have heard, there is a product from Amway Milk-Thistle-and-Dandelion, that works. I have been undergoing with some Ayurveda treatment since last 3-4 months. My next ultrasound / blood tests should reveal the progress. Today I had the ultrasound, but its postponed to tomorrow, so waiting .

What issue you have ? May be I can help ?

I don't have it anymore, but I still use milk thistle and other things to keep it healthy. :) Thank you a lot! :)

I am not sure I'll join but reblogged. I wrote enough about it and to be honest I blame the travelers. The fact they ask if it's save to while so many countries have a lockdown.... I am speechless and can only agree with what the teacher of one of my children said.
Enjoy your day. 💕

💕 Thank you for sharing. :) I agree with you. Travelers helped to spread it faster. However, probably it would have happened sooner or later. Don't you agree? I have a feeling all of us will catch the virus. The question is WHEN? The main goal is to prevent it from infecting too many people at the same time as it would jam the hospitals as it happened in Italy.

Well it will not jam the Dutch hospitals. Nearly 15 million people but only 1200 beds if they do their best 2000 at most. No.way you can go to hospital with us. 70+ is not welcome anyway. The prime minister wants us to have the disease so those who will survive it are immune (which is not said we see this with other virus and the flu vaccination doesnt help either) and the rest can drop dead. I noticed the info they give is way less as in other countries.
I do not believe most people will get it but I do believe a bit more hygiene and common sense would help and so would be being less overcrowded. After this we have the birds and pigs again and dogs, cats and cow madness. It went this way the past centuries.

I do believe this virus will bring a lot of positivity if it takes longer but might be it's gone within two months time.

Stay safe 💕

You too @wakeupkitty. 💕

@gertu, @heartbeat, @oneray, @sacra97, @gingbabida you might like to join?

Thanks @wakeupkitty I will try to do it, my streets are alone, there are no children outside, it seems like any Sunday

We never see children outside only on their way to school or back home. I live on the country and last time I visited town nothing really changed. It's a small town and never crowdie only at the doctor but I do not like to be there. People are loud, sound happy or cough their lungs out,never cover their mouth. Take care my friend. You keep working?.💕

I've seen this one too, right after I posted my March 15: Official Lockdown post... 😝

If there are any significant changes you are more than welcome to share it on platform. :) Thank you in advance!

OK. I'll make some changes then and post it through Thank you. 😊

Is this a new platform? Will you be there next week too? You have a hive number or tribe tag?

Yes, we do have a hive number. It is actually not that young. 3.0 will come soon. :) The main co-founders of this platform are @jpphotography and @for91days. :)

LOL same here. I already posted too but we can see if something changes fast.

Yeah.. Hahaha! 😂

Did you schedule with @esteemapp? It doesn't work with me. It's in my schedule list but never posted. I can not figure out why. Or was it @heartbeat1515?

Yes. I scheduled with esteemapp. The first time I tried it didn't work either. I tried again and I noticed that once I scheduled the post I should not click on it again. If I edit the post, I need to re schedule again. It really felt like a ghost town now.

I tried weku but I can't register. It's really hard to load too even for me.

Sorry to hear you cannot register. I noticed at times it cannot be load but a few hours ago it was fast.

If a post is scheduled you can only edit if you put it back in drafts. In drafts it's no linger scheduled.
Mine is in the scheduled list + date but never posted. I do not know why. One they said you need to use your active key. First I could with one account but not with the other. They said I needed the newest update which I have and now I cannot with both although it says it's scheduled. I found plenty to read but go to bed now.

I guess you just woke up? Enjoy your day and post do not care. We will figure out how it works. Happy start of your day. In my account you find some posts I reblogged they might help you.

Or join @olivia08 her contest or write a poem about an 🍊 orange 😁
Already wrote "What does today mean to me?" See @freedomshift!


Goodnight to you. I've start working already. See you soon.

Hi @invisusmundi, here my entry both on and my tweet on Twitter
My post
My tweet

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Hi @rokhani! I can see it reached quite a few parts of Indonesia too. No wonder. Your country has a huge population and some areas are incredibly densly populated so there are all conditions for the virus to spread. I have been to Indonesia back in 2016.

In this case I feel lucky to live in a country with only 2.9 mil. people...

you are right. mobility of people make this spreading faster. My sons mus study at home by on line learning, task and they complain this situation. They want to go to school cause they feel many excitement at school than stay at home. I hope government will not announce lock down as occurred in some country. W mus keep our health.
Any way you are so lucky enjoy your trip in Indonesia.
We have many object which can be visited.
i has follow you on twitter too
Warm regard from Indonesia.

First of all, nice initiative, it's good to know what's going on in the world.
Here's my entry, a little late but this situation has kept me busy

Yup @erikah, we also have lots of elders who prefer going to banks other institutions instead of using online services. It is how it is. You can't blow against the wind and it is difficult to change the ways of elders when they did the same thing for a few decades... I think the worldwide toilet paper industry was not ready for this kind of thing... :D Probably, one day we'll have to use old newspapers [not too healthy] or the Muslim way... 5 STEEM was transferred to your wallet. Thank you for trying out You are welcome to share some travel tips or experiences with our community any time you want. This is something from my trip to your country back in 2016. The photo was taken near Turda.

@gabrielatravels, do you have anything to add about the current situation in #Romania?

My post was created a few days ago and will be posted later today (6:30 PM EET). It's a different perspective and I've been working on this one since I figured out about your contest :)

Hey @julianhorack, I must confess that I wait for your new articles more than I wait for a chance to eat after a few days of fasting. :D You know how they say. There are many different ways to look at the same situation. Sadhguru shared a nice song about it. :D It starts at about 4:22. :D

Lol you are very kind Tot, I like old Sadhguru, he seems to have commonsense as well as Vedic education, even though he refrains from quoting any texts. Having trained for a decade under a guru and lived in India, I can appreciate his insights.

It's a nice contest but sharing it here and there is stressful

Yup, I understand. :) 👍


here is my post:

Duno if I qualify because I dont use Twitter so cant share it there.. anyway had fun writing this :)

You dont have Twitter? Whaaat??? [joking] I have not used it actively for ages too, but the so-called #steemhostiletakeover changed it. It's ok. Just share it on facebook using #travelfeedio and #coronavirus as @tjasa did. :)

Here. A different perspective :)

What's the latest situation in India @elsaenroute? :)

You got a good initiative here for us to know what's happening around the world so thank you!

Here are the Twitter and Travelfeed links to my post.

Hello friend @invisusmundi, thanks for the invitation and the contribution you gave me, there is still time to participate? I'm barely getting to know about the contest.

I have had many obstacles in the last month, but I am overcoming them. I don't have a computer or internet at home, but I learned to publish with a borrowed cell phone, not so nice posts but if there is time I will do my best to show a quality post.

I look forward to your response. Thank you.

HERE is my Entry-


Gracias por la oportunidad, llegué tarde al concurso porque me enteré tarde, pero aquí está mi participación día 03 - 04 - 2020. Muchas gracias.


It's ok. I'm sending you 5 STEEM as promised and soon I will post final results. :)

Thanks man, really kind! Waiting for... 😃💪✌️

Nooo... I saw now that deadline was yesterday... I was convinced about 14th... I need to rest... 😁

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I am sure we will have see some changes in global economy in the near future. Great that governments try to make it easier for the people, but all this money printing and countries sinking in debts can not happen without consequences. :) Thank you for trying the platform!

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