Travel Pro Art #92: Street Art of Athens Greece! (11 photos)

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Hey there my Steemit friends! In this Travel Pro Series we explore art from around the world! The past few years of travel I've really started to become a true fan of the arts. Since walking around is my favorite thing to do, street art probably is my favorite form of art to see! However we'll be exploring art museums, street performances, live music, traditional dance, even laser light shows in this Travel Pro Series!

The street art in Athens was everywhere! But the sad reality is that most of it was gang related graffiti, or something that one would really have to stretch their imagination to consider it art. However there were some very artistic murals that I did see randomly throughout the city.

Regardless I had a great time walking the streets of Athens and taking in the culture, sights, sounds, and experience the city. So much of that was enjoying my surrounding environment and observing some of this very cool art. I recall strolling through the edgy alternative area of Exarchia loaded with and interesting street art (and vulgar graffiti); I was really enjoying photographing some of these murals until three young migrants ran up to me yelled at me, pushed me around, then smashed my camera for photographing their part of the city! But it's all good. Now come along lets have a look at some the street art in Athens Greece in this short two part series!

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