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Dear Hive friends, let me take you on a journey of where I've been and what there is to come for vegoutt-travel. As I write this to you, I am in Quarantine aboard a cruise ship in the middle of the Mexican Gulf. I am safe and most importantly, I am healthy. As you all know, I love travelling the world. There is nothing more soul invigorating than experiencing new cultures and taking in new sights. Right now, we are experiencing unprecedented times and travel is out of the question. Please stay home, wash your hands and look after one another. The travel industry has been hit incredibly hard during this global pandemic. When everything gets back to a "new" normal, please take precautions but travel once again. My entire life I have been involved with the travel industry, from being a Flight Attendant to being an Entertainer on cruise ships. I, of course also write travel blogs. This will be my 50th travel blog post and I would like to take you on a sneak peak of destinations to come.

First and foremost, I would like to thank all my readers who have supported me and especially my brother @spectrumecons for pushing me in the right direction. I have always loved travelling, however being able to document and share my experiences with you is amazing.

To Find Me, Look For My Chihuahua's Face


As you can see from the map above, I am in the middle of the ocean at the moment. I am on-board the ship where I have been entertaining guests for the past 7 months. I am an entertainment host, MC and I also perform some comedy. My main role on-board is as the Comedy Club Manager. I absolutely love my job, I get to tell jokes and travel the world. Travelling so much has allowed me to be able to put together 50 blogs for you. I have visited over 70 countries and have lived on 4 continents so far and that is before I have hit my 30th birthday. I hope my blogs inspire you to travel and experience the world. The quarantine process for us here started on the 16th March 2020 when we disembarked our last passengers. Remaining on-board now is just the 900 crew members.

Carnival Fantasy docked in Mobile, AL


Entertainment Team



We have been keeping ourselves busy, cleaning, organizing and training each other in new skills. I have started to learn how to play the piano and I also have been writing more travel blogs. The idea of quarantine is scary for a lot of people but it actually can be very productive. In our very busy modern day lives, we often don't have time for hobbies or to learn a new skill. This is a great opportunity for everyone to unwind and re-connect with themselves.


All of you who read my blogs often, know that I adore animals. I am very active in the world of animal conservation and animal rights activism. Even on a ship anchored miles out at sea, I found a little bird who was trapped and scared. I put my hand near him and he hopped onto my hand. I took him outside and he even looked at me for a few moments before flying away. This tiny connection with this bird was enough to fill my heart.

On Day 7 Of Quarantine, I Found And Rescued A Little Bird



Learning To Play The Piano


In my upcoming blogs, I will be sharing with you hundreds more destinations, from the heat of Australia to the chill of Alaska. I will be delving into the bizarre and quirky culture of Japan, sharing with you my best travel tips. I will even be taking you on an in-depth tour of my home town, Singapore. There is lots more exciting destinations to explore together, for right now, stay home and plan those next holiday destinations.

From Hot Destinations........


To Cold Ones.......


From Japan........


To Yucatan


And Of Course Helping Rescue Animals Along The Way




So where to from here for me, I will be at sea for an extended period. I am not certain of a time frame. Once I arrive back home, I will be putting myself into quarantine for 2 weeks in a remote location. Then from there, who knows. To everyone out there reading this, stay safe and thank you so much for allowing me to share my travels with you. Look after each other, be kind, thank you for celebrating my 50th milestone with me, till next time, Vegoutt everybody!!

Where To From Here


Self Quarantine





It was just yesterday that I was thinking that the ultimate quarantine is on a ship and I guess a cruise ship is better than a tanker :)
Stay healthy, hive on!

Really, it is an experience. I love ships and I am lucky enough to be here with my friends and my partner. A tanker, oh my goodness, I couldn't imagine, stay healthy as well. Thank you for reading.

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