The Best of Copenhagen Part 2 - Travel #47

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Dear Steemit friends, let me take you on the enchanting second part of my journey to Copenhagen, Denmark. You can read part one here:

The Best of Cophenhagen Part 1 - Travel #46

Following on from where I left off, Bernie and I had just enjoyed some vegan treats that we found in the city. The little souvenir shop that we came across was right in the city square. The one and only souvenir shop in the city. We walked through the square towards the main canal, heading towards The Little Mermaid statue.

City Square


The main canal was absolutely gorgeous. I have traveled extensively all over the world and this has to be my favourite place. The street that runs alongside the canal is paved with cobblestones and quaint colourful buildings. Even though the street is paved in cobblestones, there is a section with two strips of flat stone so that wheelchairs and strollers can be pushed down the street with ease.

It is so pretty and perfect for keepsake photographs. There are lots of cafes with waterfront views offering a diverse selection of cuisine both local and international. This is a perfect spot for brunch with the girls or a romantic evening meal. Photographs do not do this place justice, it really does take your breath away.

Cafe Strip By The Main Canal


Enjoying The View Of The Main Canal



Cobblestone Street




We couldn't resist having a little photo-shoot here, the setting was just stunning. We strolled along the canal headed north. We passed some antique ships docked in the harbour. They were in pristine condition, considering their age. The ships were privately owned and could be hired out for day trips and functions. I couldn't think of anything more romantic, than sailing on one of these ships at sunset along the canal.


After a big morning of walking, we finally reached The Little Mermaid Statue. The Little Mermaid, known to locals as Den Lille Havfrue, is arguably the most famous and iconic landmark in Denmark. She was sculpted in bronze by Edward Eriksen in 1909 and was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairly tale “The Little Mermaid”. Perched on Copenhagen's Harbour Promenade, the statue has become a universal symbol of love.

The Little Mermaid was a gift from Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen to the City of Copenhagen in 1913. Carl Jacobsen is famous for creating Carlsberg beer. We can also thank this statue for Walt Disney's animated film with the same name in 1989. She may be a little statue but she attracts a lot of attention, this was by far the busiest spot in Copenhagen.

The Little Mermaid Statue




I Always Wanted To Be The Little Mermaid



We spent some time walking around the gardens that surround the Little Mermaid. There were several prominent sculptures and statues in these gardens that deserve a mention as well. As we soaked up the peaceful atmosphere of the gardens we came across our next pinned location, Kastellet.


64286414_10157308184224133_4243578858411917312_o (1).jpg



Kastellet, translates into English as The Citadel. It is one of the best preserved fortresses in Europe. I have visited many castles and forts, none of which have been so well camouflaged. It is constructed in the form of a pentagon with bastions at its corners. It is completely covered in greenery, so much so, one might question if it was a natural hill. From an aerial view, you would be able to see the complete pentagon shape. It is still an active military base with residences for soldiers and guards.

My favourite part about Kastellet is the windmill. There is a beautiful windmill right in the centre of the pentagon.





The Edges Of The Pentagon


There were guards and soldiers patrolling the fort preventing anyone from going into restricted areas. Some sections prohibited the use of cameras due to security risks. We walked the entire perimeter of the fort and came out the opposite side from which we entered. There was a little wooden draw bridge that crossed a moat followed by a longer concrete bridge. It is no wonder this city produced one of the greatest fairy tale authors of all time, it is a whimsical city.

A short walk from Kastellet was Rosenborg Castle.

Rosenborg Castle


Copenhagen is home to several castles, none in my opinion as spectacular as Rosenborg Castle. Constructed in the classic Dutch renaissance style, the castle was originally intended to be a country summerhouse in 1606. It was designed by the great Christian IV. It has been expanded several times, finally evolving into its present condition by the year 1624. This castle is in immaculate condition. When you visit some castles in Europe, they are ruins. This is in such great condition, it could easily be used as a hotel. Today, it acts as a museum and the home to the Dutch crown jewels. This of course, means that the castle is guarded by Dutch soldiers 24/7.

The Queen's Garden



The Entrance


Posing By The Thrones






We stayed in the castle until closing time. I find the artifacts so intriguing, they captivate me. All the rooms were preserved in a way to reflect how it would of looked centuries ago. This castle should not be missed if you are travelling to Copenhagen.

As we were walking down the street headed towards our next pinned location, the Round Tower, we spotted a very cute restaurant with a tiny door. I just had to stop and take a photograph of it. One of the crucial things Bernie and I did while planning this day in Copenhagen was take note of the closing times of all the attractions we wanted to visit. This meant that we didn't miss out on anything.

Cute Restaurant


The Round Tower


The Round Tower, known to locals as Stellaburgis Hafniens, is a 17th-century tower. Just like the Rosenborg Castle, the Round Tower was designed by Christian IV. It was originally built as an astronomical observatory. It is famous for its equestrian staircase, a 7.5-turn helical corridor leading to a viewing platform at the top. It offers uninterrupted 360 degree views of Copenhagen.

Today, the tower serves as a public astronomical observatory , a church and library. The Library Hall above the church is only accessible along the tower's ramp and is a venue for exhibitions and concerts.




Once we soaked in the gorgeous views of Copenhagen at sunset from the top of the Round Tower, we headed to the Hans Christian Andersen museum. This is an author that has shaped both Bernie and I into the people we are today. We were definitely not leaving Copenhagen without exploring his museum.


Hans Christian Andersen Museum



Hans Christian Andersen spent most of his life in Copenhagen. The majority of the places where he spent a lot of his time are still around and can be visited today. Perhaps the most prominent of these places is the Royal Danish Theatre, this is where he wrote some of his first fairy tales. On H.C. Andersens Boulevard you can see one of the two statues of the writer, the other one you will find in The King’s Garden. The most famous statue in Copenhagen of course is also linked to him, The Little Mermaid. To say that Hans is an icon in Copenhagen would be an understatement.







After exploring the museum and reliving the famous fairy tales, it was time to wrap up our day. We had visited every landmark on our list. We were tired and hungry. When I go on holiday, I always want to make the most of it. This includes researching everything prior, including places to eat.

Bernie and I both share a love of books. We came across the perfect place, Paludan Bogcafe. This is a cafe like no other, you are surrounded by old bookshelves filled with hundreds of books. This creates a cosy, almost library-like atmosphere. Many of the visitors bring books to donate. The waitstaff told us that many books have been written in this cafe by famous authors from all around the world. This cafe was amazing and not to mention, the food was scrumptious.

Paludan Bogcafe





As our day in Copenhagen draws to a close, we reflect on the epic day we just had. Just two best friends exploring a new city together. We strolled back to our apartment and thought the best way to end the day was with face-masks, mermaid face-masks of course.

Mermaid Face-masks



I hope you have enjoyed Part 2 of my blog on The Best of Copenhagen, thank you for reading, until next time, Vegoutt Everybody!!

Till Next Time Copenhagen


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