Corona Impact And 500 Steem CoVid-19 Writing Contest

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Corona Impact And 500 Steem CoVid-19 Writing Contest

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Dear travelers, with all the things happening on and off the blockchain, the release of TravelFeed 3.0 has been slowed down. We're currently aiming to start testing the new version this weekend though.

For a community of travelers, the impact of the CoVID-19 virus seems to be affecting everyone, including the TravelFeed team. Some of our team members are sharing with you how the virus is impacting either their travels or the place they're staying put for now.

On the same topic, @invisusmundi is running a new travel writing contest with a total prize pool of 500 Steem. He wants to hear about how CoVID0-19 impacted you, your family, your country and or your travels. More info further below!

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CoVID-19 Impact Brazil

Image: paxabay

From @mrprofessor

Following the Coronavirus (CoVID-19) has been the center of everyone’s attention in the last couple days; what seemed to be just a flu, according to some skeptics, is proving to be another pandemic disaster, both for economies and people.

In Brazil it’s been no different, the first confirmed cases being carried by travelers coming from Italy, where the Europe’s epicenter seems to have started. They were under treatment and handling the virus well, so far no deaths due to the virus. However, the virus expansion seems to be following the same progression as other nations, and quickly more cases have been confirmed, reaching numbers above 150 in a week timespan.

Furthermore, one of the president’s representatives, who has been in contact with president Trump recently, was confirmed with Corona, which puts president Trump and Bolsonaro in danger. President Bolsonaro has also released a press advising Brazilians not to continue with the protests against the congress this week, as this would constitute a major concentration of people, who could help spread the virus. So far no major lock-downs were announced and we are still living life normally, despite the constant press notes advising to take precautions.

CoVID-19 Impact Thailand

Image: paxabay

From @worldcapture

I’m currently in Thailand, about 60 minutes south of Bangkok. Compared to Europe there isn’t a lot of panic yet. Still, the economy suffers already heavy from it. Thailand will lose roughly 10 Million travelers because of the virus (Which will have an heavy impact as tourism is one of the biggest income streams of the country.)

Just a few days ago I booked tickets to the Philippines for a 2 week travel in April. 1 day later the president of the Philippines announced a total lock down for all domestic flights and Metro Manila. Now I have to fight to get the money back which I’ve spent for the tickets. Sucks!

CoVID-19 Impact India

Image: paxabay

From @wanderein

@jpphotography and I have been traveling around the north of India for a month now. Everything seems normal and we even got to celebrate Holi in Udaipur. It was just a normal party, no face masks, just colors on our faces. It was an amazing experience! The number of confirmed cases in Rajasthan hasn’t risen since Holi, note that in this event, people were touching each others faces and hugging each other. Two days after this event, we have noticed more people coughing on the street. What is more concerning is that some don’t cover their mouth when they do. However, it is great that there is no panic here.

On another note, we noticed apprehension on the side of some guesthouse owners. Other travellers were saying that their hotel bookings are being declined because of their passport. We haven’t experienced this but in one instance, we wanted to check other guesthouses in Udaipur and the staff wouldn’t let us in until we provided our nationalities. She had to ask her brother if it was okay for us to come in. Once she got clearance, an older lady asked us again our nationality and travel history. Luckily, the Philippines and Germany don’t have much media attention yet and we were previously in Laos so she finally accommodated our inquiries. It is standard procedure for them to check our passport before we check in, but in this case, we just had a simple inquiry if they have a room available.

All foreign tourist visa have been cancelled until April 15. We’re lucky that we are already here so our visas remain valid. Despite what you read on the news, we find it a great time to travel as there are less tourists and no overcrowding.

CoVID-19 Impact In Spain

From @for91days

The first case of the Corona Virus was reported from La Gomera one of the Canary Islands, one week after we took the ferry from there to Tenerife. That was towards the beginning of December. After our For91days in Tenerife we're back in Valencia for over 3 weeks now and things are getting very real right now.

The've cancelled our beloved Fallas Festival attracting over 2 million visitors on peak days. The local government has been giving it a go at first but cancelled any further festivities because of the virus. We thought it would be impossible to cancel Fallas once it was going on because they place these giant figures in the middle of the streets to be burned on March 19th. When they cancelled Fallas some of the figures were already built and still sitting there in plazas and intersections. Some will get burned with excluding the public and some will be stored until mid July, to the dates the festival got postponed to.

Now on top of it, the central government announced the state of Emergency in Spain and we're on full lockdown since last night 9pm.

500 Steem CoVID19 Travel Writing Contest

Write about the CoVID19 and submit the article before April 11th.

Tell us what's the situation in your country/city/area where you live. Share some basic info on how many people are infected, what is being done to prevent the virus from spreading, is it relatively safe to travel there, etc. You can share your own opinion, info from official sources, etc. Keep it simple, but informative.

How to participate

Winners of This Week's Round-up

And with all this exciting news, we don't want to forget to highlight our three favorite posts from this week. The rewards will go to the first three places as follows: 1st place - 14 STEEM, 2nd place - 7 STEEM and 3rd place - 3 STEEM.

The thumbnails are directly linked to the original posts. Please, click on the image and enjoy the read!

Place 1
Chichen Itza and Valladolid written by @haydae
A new wonder of the world. That sounded promising. I had visited quite a few archaeological sites since I had arrived in Mexico but Chichen Itza seemed on another league, especially from a tourist point of a view. It might not have been the most beautiful ancient site in the country.

Place 2
Inside the first reactor written by @koenau
EBR-I was just a research reactor, but it worked and really produced electricity. Decided by the Atomic Energy Commission in 1947, construction began in 1949 on a new test site in Idaho. The next village nearby is called Arco, it has 2000 inhabitants and has an atomic altar right next to the road, which praises the beneficial effects of nuclear energy.

Place 3
The complete guide of must-try Thai dishes written by @helgalubevi
In this post, I want to share some special dishes of the Thai cuisine that you must try if you’re in Thailand or in any thai restaurant around the world… So, let’s go?

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Very interesting initiative. I actually asked the same question my friends and followers in this post two days ago where I also described the situation on the Azores (where I am now) and in the Czech Republic (my homeland) but a lot has changed since then, for the worse, unfortunately... Stay strong and healthy wherever you are guys. This is going to be a tough ordeal for us all.

@tipu curate

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Just now the news are going full on giving advise as how to be prepared, things will get mad in a week or two.

What I've learned from Spain ... things can happen VERY quickly ... it went from hey everything is ok to full lockdown in 5 days!

same here with @worldcapture
mine's worse, it was our trip back to the Philippines to start preparing for our wedding - in April. huhuhuhuh!!!