Da Nang, Cultural Awakening

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Hanoi -> SaPa -> Da Nang

Here we are in Da Nang City. Woah.
With @conradsuperb and his phone just went caput. This place is pure funk.

Scooters everywhere. They have the right of way, not like in the states - “yield to pedestrians.”

Not one scuffle or collision. Thousands of scooters traveling through what would otherwise be four way stops in the states. No stop signs. Hardly any traffic lights. Practically non-existent.

Absolute free-for-all. It’s the norm. Beep-beep-beeeeep-beeeeeeeep. That’s not the roadrunner, that’s the constant hum of horns honking in the background.

If you’re brave, you can take a ‘Grab.’
It’s equivalent to Uber or Lyft, but the SE Asia version. Download the app and get the skinny. We’ve tried it. Very cheap and very on point. Gave our driver a 5-star rating. Irie.

So walking around this a.m. SIM cards needed renewed after 7 quick days. Got new SIMs for 150,000 VND, or roughly six and a half USD. 7 days, 5.8 GB. Not too shabby.

So here we are, stumbling around found ourselves a local cafe. Chatting it up with the locals getting blasted on local craft beers. Here’s a pic of some locals and @conradsuperb, who by the way is posting updates from our trip. Take a look at his page - https://www.steemit.com/@conradsuperb

Ordered some local coffees sitting street side watching the scene unfold. Pretty cool stuff. Next stop ——> Hoi an, Vietnam 🇻🇳



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Sounds like an amazing time. Keep it Irie

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Yea mon.
Keeping it real
Over here

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Sipping coffee in the streets just taking it all in. Yeah man, m,y kinda vibes. Enjoy guys.

A scene and a half.
Just sitting back taking every
Thing in.
Whole new world

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I saw some videos of scooters and intersections in Vietnam. It's like an organised confusion. It amazes me every single time how they avoid hitting each other so many times in a row! 🤣

It’s the opposite where
I come from lol
Here The roundabouts yield to the yielders
People pulling out in front of full oncoming traffic making 30, 40, 50 motor bikes
Stop in their tracks

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