There’s No Place like Africa 😂

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Ai yay yay. If you’ve ever travelled in South Africa, you would have seen some of the strange signs and advertisements around the cities.

I often see this particular sign around town and I wonder who actually believes this works? 😂🤔

The ad is for a sangoma or witchdoctor, promising to heal/repair a myriad of issues all with his magical skills... eish baba

In certain parts of South Africa, traditional medicine and culture mixes with Christian religion and culture resulting in our strange land.

I mean, there was a preacher promising to rid people of their sins by spraying Doom (an insecticide) in their faces. I mean, can you even?

do you have any strange traditional situations similar to this in your country?

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@princessmewmew this is awesome. I had to read the sign a few times. It took me a minute to figure out it was an advertisement. I think every culture has something like this. I can't think of anything here locally at the moment. If I do come up with something I'll let you know.

I’d love to hear your countries version! I will look out more Africana vibes, we have some funny stuff here

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I’m actually on my way to my favourite sangoma Dr Nandos lemon and herbalist 😋 aching tummy problems I need solved ASAP

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Lol you smarty pants. I must say I prefer Dr NY Slice x

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We have gypsies pretending to be witches who can cure all ailments and see the future. They advertise on the Internet nowadays and they promise their miracles work by phone also... obviously after they receive the money. And, yes, some people think it works, otherwise there wouldn't be so many gypsies in this line of business... just found a page with dozens of names and phone numbers...

Ah yes, I would love to travel to Romania, it looks beautiful and the culture! Modern day witchcraft 🌸

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You got to be a positivity man! hehehehehe

OMG, how have I never seen this?? ROFL! Doooom You!

Actually, that's kinda cool, I think. We no longer have such witch-doctors here, but I think it's something that hails from an old tradition, I find it really interesting. To answer your question, I don't know who'd actually go to such people, but it's worth remembering whole villages used to believe in such doctors once and makes me wonder what people in 300 years will think of our own customs. :)

you are very right here! I just find it completely ridiculous, but I am sure there arepeople who do believe in this. Also - like what @ladyrebecca says below - there are people who believe in it, otherwise there wouldn't be so many of these around

My goodness, this is something I haven't seen around our area @princessmewmew. Signs offering to buy cars, houses, etc are usually all you will see. Facinating (and frightening) to hear Witch doctors are still available.

Haha yup Africa y’all! We have so many funny things that happen here and we just accept them as normal. I will have to try to find more to share with you guys on steem

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I don't know what we have here, knowing that there is some strange things happening out there though.

I'll be sure to stay away from those signs if I ever get to visit South Africa.

Doom... Ya lol doom alright. Anyone following that will meet their doom soon enough lol 😅

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Hahaha it’s just hilarious how people just let this pastor spray Doom on them. I will have to find a clip to share with you x

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Did they know it was doom??? Or did the pastor call is holy water with spice?

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Every single day, I question more about the weirdness of this world...

And, I think, someone will really believe in ads like these...otherwise how you think the majority of internet ads work? :P

You’re right! There must be people out there who do believe in this!

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LMAO! You are absolutely correct @princessmewmew considering the fact that am from Africa (Nigeria precisely).

You know it!

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I dont think back in NZ we have anything like Witch Doctors or ads like these :)

lol, only in Africa!

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Oh yes! In my country we have a pastor that can raise people from the dead!
Of course it turned out to be a scam.
Btw! I am also in South Africa hahaha.

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