Hard to say goodbye, but...

in travel •  9 months ago 

I knew this day would come. Still, it pains me a little bit not being able to hold on to him. My loyal travel companion in these 5 years reached its expiration date... and I have to let it go if I want to have a new one. And I do!


I remember when we were able to keep the old passports; now, they have to be returned. Five years of travelling, where I collected stamps from a good part of Southeast Asia, and a couple more from America. And some of them were really cool!


Well, but he's gone for a good cause. A new one is on the way, and I hope to get on it at least as much stamps as the last one had! I still can enjoy my world map puzzle, where I can pin the countries I've already been. And looking at it, here in my living room... there are sooooo many places yet to visit!

PS - am I the only one that wants to keep the old passports? 🙂


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Ohh yes I have been through that loss a few times, sometimes when the passport expired and sometimes when I ran out of pages, I still have a few of them in a drawer here

Wow! Running out of pages would be great! I'll make it one of my future goals! ;)

LOL will never happen to me again, but I ended up needing a new one twice for that reason

I have all my old passports, so far! I guess I would need to take photos of each page if I have to surrender it! I love all my travel stamps!

I'm so envious! 🙂 Here the only way to keep them now would be going to the police saying that we lost the passport. I almost considered "losting" mine... 😉 😂 😂

I take pictures of all my favorite paper things... Grandkids art included. That way I don't have to keep the paper forever!

Ehehehe true!🙂

Haha I am going to face the same challenge very soon :D :( But my passport has been with me for 10 years. So many cool stamps... I like the idea of "losing" it :D

If my next passport gets nearly as many stamps as this last one... I think "losing" is going to be likely! 😉 😂 😂