Beautiful New Mexico-The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge-Through My Eye's

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When I first left Michigan 10 years ago I moved to Albuquerque, NM. It was quite a culture shock and pleasantly so. Even though it's located in the high desert, there is so much to do throughout the state.

I didn't stay there very long, because of the hot dry climate, but I use every chance that comes my way to visit. One such chance came when a couple of friends moved there and invited me to visit in 2017. After our Rafting Trip down the Rio Grande River, we visited Taos.
(Sorry, I couldn't get the gif's to embed)

On the way there to visit the Earthship Visitor Center we crossed the Rio Grande Gorge, which of course we had to stop and check out on foot, camera in hand. To make it easier for you to see I turned the views into Gif's. One of the Westside and another of the East.

Let me tell you a little about the Rio Grande Gorge and the aptly named bridge, which spans this enormous chasm.

The Rio Grande Gorge runs about 50 miles starting from just South of the Colorado border and reaches depths of up to 800 feet. The Rio Grande River has been carving this canyon for millions of years.

The Rio Grande River Gorge Bridge is located about 10 miles Northwest of Taos, NM and is the tenth highest bridge in the U.S. It spans the gorge at around 1280 feet long and sits at a height of about 600 feet above the gorge floor.

I hope you enjoyed the sights and put Taos, NM on your list of 'must sees' in your life. There is not only the Gorge itself, but as I mentioned, the Earthship Visitor Center, beautiful designated scenic drives and hiking galore.

As always, make sure to get outside and be the change.

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Happy travel bro

Thank you my friend.

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Very cool!!! I'm looking on my phone so I'm not sure if I'm seeing the gif?

I have always wanted to go to Taos! And now you've given me more reason to! Hehhee

Hope you are well!

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You are probably just seeing the cover photo. I was editing for the 4th time when you commented and can't get them to embed. Steemit's markdown editor sucks... I'm not happy and don't have this issue elsewhere. I mean, there's not even spellcheck or autofill...

I am well, thank you. You need to click the two links in the post body. I hope at least those are working now.

Are you still traveling?

Maybe try partiko? Not sure if that's better...

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It isn't, that's what I original used. The autofill is nice, but still can't embed or upload Gif's.

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Try to use imgur

You can host the images and gifs there, cuz it might be an issue with the size of the file

Lol, I did. The links didn't embed. The links are there in the post now, but you have to click them. I just posted this to another site and had to reduce the quality signigicantly, so I'll get it right here next time.

Ok hehhee

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Yes...still traveling... We are in the house :)

Lots of fun!! Hehhee