Can Your Buses Even? 😜😍

in #travel β€’ 8 months ago

Spotting great graffiti Buses is a great sport that I really enjoy while out in the city center. Today, I am back with another of those posts, and I might even capture some more today since I am out running errands.

I spotted this while down town, and I must say, this side of town has the best array of these Buses. Not to mention how awesome their music always is.


I'm pretty sure most of you out there haven't this kind of public transport, which is really unfortunate cause it can be really fun.


If you ask me, life's too short for boring public transportation πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚


I just gotta hand it to the graffiti artists who make this happen, so much talent.


Surely this talent deserves more recognition and appreciation. It's gotta be inborn, there is just some art that cannot be taught in school if you ask me.


This is one of those Kenyan cultures that I am truly proud of. One of those things that we identify ourselves with as a country. Very nice.

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