French Polynesia – Moorea – Mount Rotui

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Mount Rotui On Moorea From Belevedere Lookout – Upcoming Post Teaser

If you have been waiting for my next travel post from French Polynesia, never fear! I have a couple of quite long posts with lots of photography in the works, and one should be ready to post on Monday! Getting all the images from my Canon and my two iPhones organized and edited has been quite a daunting but fun job, because I have relived my experiences with every shot!

In the meantime, so that you know I am still around, I thought you might like to see a version of an image that will be in Monday's post. In keeping with @old-guy-photos tag #sepiasaturday, I decided to post this one in grainy sepia with just a tiny hint of color. I think the process matches the mood of the day, don't you? It was very overcast and pouring rain that day, but it added such a magical feeling to the scene. I would love to see it again on a sunny day, but I feel quite blessed to have seen it in this light too!

Mount Rotui-sepia.jpg
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

This is Mount Rotui from Belvedere Lookout on Moorea, French Polynesia. If this scene looks familiar, you may indeed have seen it before. Look for my upcoming post to fill you in on those details, and many more!

Can you see the love locks on the fence? I have to admit that I didn't notice them until I had processed this shot! My focus was on the scene ahead, as well as keeping myself and the camera dry! Silly me left the camera waterproof sleeve back at the resort!

Thanks for checking in.

If you are intrigued by the location, you may want to read my first two longer posts about my trip to French Polynesia often known as simply Tahiti, after the main island in the group.

  1. French Polynesia – A State Of mind
  2. Moorea French Polynesia – First Impressions And The Resort
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WOW what a cool viewpoint and view, yes going through photos after a vacation can be daunting but you get to relive the vacation again and hence such fun :)

I used my 14mm wide angle lens to get it all in like that too.

NIce I don't have a lens that wide yet LOL

It's one I almost got rid of, because don't normally take it with me on trips , but I used it a lot on this one!

So its good you kept it :) and looking forward to seeing more shots with it in future posts :)

It will be posts from my trip and that's it for now, I'm afraid. My camera died completely on the very last day of our trip! The shutter jammed and all electronics shut down. I called Canon, but it doesn't look good. Repair may not be worth it. But buying something new right now would have been OK, if not for what I have to fork out now to the endodontist for 2 root canals and also the dentist for one crown! We don't have dental insurance.

Ouch thats the pain after getting rid of the pain, Dentists are so expensive, sorry to hear you have to deal with that

That’s life though. If that’s all I have to worry about, I’m blessed really! It will all work out in the end.

By the way, what the heck is that Virtue ad thing? It’s getting really annoying! Do you see it too. Or is it just me?

I can almost imagine standing there, looking at the landscape! The Sepia reminds me of an old photo.

Thanks! You would have been standing with me in the rain, but it's still an experience! - Just a bit more challenging to portray the mood!

Would love to read about it, soon...

Look for it on Monday. :-)

Looking forward to it!

  ·  10 months ago Reveal Comment

Thank you. :-)

Yes that is a great sepia! I really enjoy seeing how everyone interprets sepia into different shots!

Yes, it covers a wide range of possibilities! I like the idea of having a sepia challenge. I will try to contribute when I can!

That is a grand view and does look good in #sepiasaturday looking forward to your post :)

Thanks! Will be posting later today. 😊

Cool...i will look out for it...Cheers :)

You are back! Didn’t you have sort of a prolonged Steemit hiatus? Perhaps you have been back a bit? I was at the beach in California this spring and remembered the time you shared with me about being proposed to there. ☺️

Looking forward to seeing more of French Polynesia! Happy Monday.

Great memory! Yes! I was catching up on a lot of other things, and decided that a complete break from Steemit would help, and it did. But yes, I’m back!! I won’t be posting every single day though, but I’ll be writing some longer travel posts mostly.


Yes posting every day works for awhile but is super hard to maintain! Welcome back! I love a juicy travel post, so look forward to what you’ll be sharing. ☺️

Just putting the finishing touches to it now. :-)

A lovely shot Lady Diane!
Who would care about the locks with a view like that.

Aw, thanks! I need to go back to see it on a sunny day now! It won't be for at least another 5 years though!