7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Asian Sunday week #145

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Hello fellow Hivers!

Welcome to my 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Asian Sunday.

Today, you can participate by submitting your personal pictures from your travels to the continent of Asia.

Please see the winner of the last week´s Asian Sunday @pardinus with the following entry:

Mount Bromo reminds me of a scene from Lord Of The Rings franchise. It is somehow misty and dark there all the time. Photo below was taken very early, even before the sunrise, so at some later photos sky colours read and gives additional LOTR final scene association to me.


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The Unfinished Cave architecture of Badami Caves
After the Cave 2, the Cave planned next was started and was never finished. The Badami Caves have 4 major caves and this one would have been 5th if completed. Multiple theories for why the cave was never finished. But the Chalukya dynasty was overthrown by Rastrakoota Dynasty and that is held as one of the theory why it never finished.


The Small Wild Goose Pagoda from Xi'An, China was built between 707–709; during the Tang dynasty. Once high of 45 m (147 ft) it is now only 43m because it was damaged by an earthquake in 1556. The pagoda has a brick frame built around a hollow interior and fifteen levels of tiers. A must do visit if you are in the region.


Yanui Beach on Phuket
This is where I actually should have spent the month of June if the coronavirus hadn't happened. The beautiful beach of Yanui in the very far south of the island is definitely one of the most amazing beaches on Phuket and is just around the corner of Nai Han Beach which is another gem. Driving north from the Promthep Cape you´ll reach a point from where you´ll have that beautiful view onto the beach.



Our travel in Indonesia, back in 2017 had a very good start with visit of Bukit Lawang National Park in Sumatra.
As an animal lover, experience of meeting orangutans in their natural nabitat is one of a kind. Trekking is not to demanding, so I would really suggest it to everyone who is olanning a trip to this area.


This was my first sunset in Bali, Indonesia. We've stayed in Legian district, and although the beach was nearly desert during the day, given it was not tourist season, it filled at sunset with the locals. Balinese enjoying their beaches, and it's easy to see why: perfect chillout mood!


Chonburi, Thailand


I took the image I share today yesterday afternoon on a lake in Chonburi (Thailand) near my home. I basically just found them by going with google maps (satellite view) through the landscape around me. It's incredible how many spots are around us which we never really see until we know they exist :D.