Back in Finland

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Right off the bat what I'm definitely going to miss with Thailand is food. No more can I just walk around the corner and pick lunch for 1.5-2 euros – food that is really good, healthy and even faster than so called "fast food" in the chains dedicated to that. Of course, weather is a big complaint, but we have thick clothes for that. What's good with having a proper winter, is that we have to build well insulated houses, if we don't wanna die. Though I've heard that in the UK they are often freezing in their houses during winter – which doesn't make much sense, because it's not even that much warmer there than in Finland. I guess they wanna die, which to me comes as a surprise, since Finland is pretty up high there in the suicide rates. Also, having snow is much nicer than having a 6 month long autumn.

Oh, and papaya – that's what I'm gonna miss too. Fresh papaya around the corner. I was quite happy to still get a taste of that provided on the flight meal. I think I would sell my soul for the devil for infinite source of fresh papaya, though easier would probably to just move to South-East Asia. Seems like there's not much market for souls anyway.

Anyway, being home, I can finally start looking through my pictures which I have about 1300 on my camera so, something to do for the following days. Feels like about time to do something, but that it just a sign of a good holiday: well rested and eager for new challenges.

Jet lag seems not to be much of an issue, since it's much easier to manage when flying to west, because you only need to go to bed later to adjust – which is much easier than going to bed earlier than used to. It's about 9 pm in Finland, which makes it 2 am in Bangkok. I woke 4 am, Bangkok time, which makes it now me being up for 22 hours, if you don't count a short nap on the plane. Talking of which, I'm feeling tired, so gonna get some.



It looks like you had a great time there. Maybe post some of those food pics when you got the time.

I actually didn't take much photos of food - I'm fully immersed with eating :D

We must have been in Thailand at the same time. I've come back after being in Bangkok for three weeks teaching, and then in Khon Kaen visitng a friend. It was lovely, the weather was nice and warm, but unfortunately Bangkok is pretty horribel with all the cars and the congestions. The reason it's so miserable in the UK is because it's rained nearly every day for three months. When I got back it stopped and has been sunny, so I brought the nice wheather back with me.

Yeah, Bangkok traffic is chaotic, that's why I mostly go with public transportation - or tuk tuk, they're too much fun :D

Well then, you could plan another trip soonest. Way I see it, you may end up leaving Finland for good

Next possibility for a trip will be in June the earliest when I have holiday from school, but I don't have motivation to go anywhere unless with friends.
Not sure if I'm ever leaving Finland for good, there's still so many good things about here.

Back to reality but you'll have all those memories.

Yeah, precious memories.

Would you do anything differently if you did the trip again?

Maybe I would've stayed a bit longer in Koh Chang. Otherwise nothing much that I would've wanted to do differently.

That's good, means you had a good time.

Yeah...another week in KOH Chang would have been sweet!

And another year perhaps :D

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