I need a vacation destination.

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Beach recommendations, please?

No tourist traps.


Dominican Republic for all inclusive drinks, food, cheap weed on the beach, Colombian tourist booty all over, free room service (2am pizza and fries)

And they also have, in my opinion, the best Coke and Diet Coke

Ocracoke North Carolina, USA. Virginia Beach, USA. Duck North Carolina, USA


Come to Greece! I took this shot in Tzia island, but all Greek islands are equally stunning!

You could go to Steemfest 3 in Thailand! 🤣

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Have you considered Clearwater beach or something like honeymoon island in Florida ?

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Big cannoe dawsonville georgia

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I know a sweet hotel in Guatemala that accepts steem 😉

What are you interested in? What kind of place are you like to be? Does sand, salt and sunshine sounds like something you like with the possibility of having a good joint roll up??

I couldn't think of anything better.

Well I am officially inviting you to come to the Caribbean, some of the islands like Antigua and Barbuda and Jamaica has officially legalized marijuana. I probably recommend Antigua and Barbuda, its fully on board with cryptocurrency as well, you definitely get to use your cryptocurrency and enjoy all the sweet island life. Chill, have some good marijuana and take in the sunshine. There lots more to offer...

Idk anything about travelling.

But Greece was supposed to be nice.

As A Greek guy I second this

Just hit on Youtube "Greek beaches - islands" and you'll fall in love with my country Bern


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Mongolia has Beach?

Indonesia. Thailand. Turkey.

Can you come to Nigeria to have a good look of our beach

What's the best time of year to visit?


Was about to comment: "Come to Siberia"

Then read that you want beaches. Well, idk then.

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