Are you intrested in trading? Here is my story

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A few weeks ago I got interested in crypto trading and invested a $235. At beginning I loved the game of buying at a low price and selling at the high price made me to happy but was not as like what i thought. I made nearly 10 trades to get a profit of 15$ for a week, but within the end of the week the crypto bull starts to run and made me a loss of $25 from a single trade. Although i got some hope and started to trade but the thing happened vice versa. At last i ended up with the trading and moved my remaining amount into the steempower(which will be a great useful right now for me).
If anyone who is reading this post may be intrested in crypto trading so i am here give some of my tips which i feel really worthy. I use two cryptocurrency exchange to trade.

Each exchange has a one of the benefit of the other for example

  • Binance offers low trading fee where Bittrex is 2.5* of binance.
  • Binance had a big volume and wide range of tokens where bittrex not.
  • Binance has faced a security breach where bittrex not yet hacked by anyone.
  • Bittrex has a special stop-loss condition where binance did't have.

Let me show you what was the trick i used to play a game.
I prefers to use bittrex than binance only for this reason
When i use stop loss option to buy or sell anything in the binance it will look into the my wallet and then execute my order but in bittrex
When i clicked the buy button the order registered when the price meets the trigger price then the bittrex look into the wallet balance. This employs a greatest advantage. You can't need to place a single order and wait for the low price to buy. you can place a multiple buy order and executes when the first order reaches your order satisfaction. I found that this is the gem trick fond on the bittrex and i tried it many times and it made me happy and sad too. I will share what are the some disadvantages in this order to on my upcoming blog.


Myself Ranjith Kumar contact me at popular social media in name of Ranjith pvrp. Going to grasp my engineering degree in a year. If you like my work and writing hit follow for the frequent updates.

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Sorry to hear about your Loss @erode. I previously did tell you that you should trail those waters carefully. Trading is very tough to be profitable for everyone. Just consider the 25 USD as fees for Lesson received.

When I started trading the same thing happened with me and after making some decent profits I did incur a loss but thankfully I did pull out my Principal once I made the profits and was playing with House Money. So the Loss wasn't That Bad.

You might want to learn technical analysis if you are keen on trading long term. Buying/selling without knowing when to do it isn't going to take you far in this game. :)

Get a free a/c on TradingView, learn TA and charting and then apply your analysis for trading which may be more effective in the long term along with learning proper risk management and position sizing.


Sure! I will look into it and try my best 😊. I really need to thank you for continuous support 🤝

Also I would like to introduce WazirX STF (Smart Token Fund!) i.e. Find smart traders, and let them grow your cryptocurrency portfolio. You can check that also.

Oh I didn't seen those things. I will look into it and thanks for information 😀.

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