The RNG God of toys has arrived. (Aka, I got really lucky with some Funko products.)

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What's up, you greaselords? Been meaning to make my first post to the Toys on Hive community for a little while now, but, I'm quite possibly one of the laziest fuckers on this entire site. However, I finally mustered up enough energy out of my elderly, geriatric feeling body to post today. Thanks mostly in part to my excitement at actually having some good luck with a very specific set of products made and sold by Funko. I'm sure most of you are aware of the Funko Pop! brand of figures, seeing as every 40 year old man has filled their basement with them to fill the deep dark void in their soul with plastic and cardboard, leading to them being literally for sale at every god damn store at this point.

But, I'm betting a lot of you aren't aware of their recent launch of a new product line called Funko Soda. So, lets take a look at them.

So, here's a Funko Soda. The name is of course because the packaging is designed to be like a soda can, and inside that soda can will be a black bagged figure and a motherfucking throwback to those of you who had a moist spot in your pants for pogs back in the 90s. Who doesn't want to have some of these to slide down your ass cheeks? Another unique feature for these over Pops! is that each of these is a limited production with varying numbers from figure to figure. And, if you're really into Funko Pops, then you'll know some of them have a chase figure which is 1 in 6 out of a case. And, these soda figures are the same, except that there isn't a sticker on the outside to let you know. The only way find the chase is to peel off the plastic wrap and crack em open to check. This also makes it where you can either be entirely super unlucky if you only order one or two, or possibly very lucky.

Thankfully, it seems I got pretty god damn lucky for once. I ordered one of these on a whims since I'm a horror whore and figured eh, why not. And, low and behold, I pulled the chase. The production on this was limited to 12500 pieces, meaning there is 2000 chases thrown into the mix. Now, normally Pops! that are limited in anyway typically have a higher price than common Pops! and you'd think this would be the same here. For some reason though, typically most of the soda figures that are just commons don't even fetch their retail price on the second market. All of the value seems to go to these chase figures, which depending on the figure go for between $40-300. I'm curious if the commons will go up in value over time, since it seems the Soda line is taking off pretty damn well. But, yeah. As you can see, I got lucky and pulled the bloody Leatherface chase which is going for around $60-65 on Ebay currently. Pretty fucking nice considering I spent $16 on it.

But, the RNG God's luck doesn't stop there, babyboi's. I pre-ordered two Snake Plissken soda figures back in November and finally got them. And, of course, the lady of luck hit me with her big old honkers and blessed me with another chase on top of the common figure. I was super fucking psyched for this one, because I've always had a big love in my heart for Escape From New York and the character of Snake Plissken in general. (Thanks mostly to Kurt Russel.) This figure is limited to 10000 pieces, with 1600 chases spread around. While not being drenched in blood, tits and rocknroll or anything, this version of Plissken has a Mac-10 with a telescopic scope to match his gear in the movie. You know, who wouldn't want a 10 times scope on their full auto SMG? This guy is going for around $50-55 on Ebay right now, so for having spent $22 I came out ahead I'd reckon. Pretty damn happy with my pulls.

So, yeah. Pretty psyched that I pulled 2 chases on my own finally. I tried with 6 other soda figures with no luck, and I've never been able to pull a chase with Pops! on my own either. So, it feels pretty fucking good. I've got a few more pre-ordered, so I guess I'll see if my luck can keep up and maybe I'll pull another chase to go into my collection. A lot of these figures they've been dropping have been misses for me, thankfully. So, I don't think my collection will get too out of control. I'll make sure to stop jerking off sensually over my Funko addiction to come back and post if it ever does. I hope you've enjoyed my Microsoft presentation on small vinyl toys and my ever growing boner for them. But, until next time slutterbutts.



Wow, these are cool, and proving a pretty good investment!

Hope you recover from your dementia and post from the Toys on Hive community for your next figures!

Snake Plissken soda...I've seen it all now.

I hope you're well mate. Drop me a line sometimes, let me know what's up.